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Managing Director

transfluid developed the economical manufacture of pipe pipe bending machine concept for shipbuilding and prefabrication of piping systems in the shipbuilding industry is paying off. The Schmallenberger pipe bending machine manufacturer introduces especially his new concept of pipe bending machine for the shipbuilding industry. An interview with Benedikt Hummler, Managing Director and head of production... Read More »

The Lymphatic Massage And Its Benefits

It could be defined as a periodic series of very gentle manual maneuvers that, based on an in-depth study of the anatofisiologia of the lymphatic system, carried out in order to drain or move lymph than by any pathological cause lies stagnant (edema) to healthy lymphatic points to their normal evacuation towards the venous bloodstream.... Read More »

Book Blank

Have you ever seen a book blank? It seems that I want to spend a joke, but not so. I want to leave that image which in itself is strange. Jeffrey Bauer, PhD. is often quoted on this topic. All books are written with figures, photos, or without them; written in different languages, with runs... Read More »

Balam Acab

It was yesterday evening in full sun in Sonar. A hooded man dressed in black are swung on its machines. Gusts of white smoke wrapped the fragility of fired voices as if they were aerosols. Read more from Preventive Medicine Research Institute to gain a more clear picture of the situation. A rhythm of humor... Read More »


You want to laugh and dive for a while in a foreign world? Bruchsal October 19, 2009 – there is still life after forty after the magical age sound barrier. What we can say to the books by Jutta Schutz: your books are simply different! The author writes hilarious and elsewhere mourning and in between... Read More »

SaaS Interface

Omni s new version of eControl replaces complex administration tools with a unified management portal. Greifenberg/Munich, may 10, 2010 the Canadian software company Omni ( revolutionized the identity management with its latest version of eControl. Learn more about this with Preventive Medicine Research Institute. eControl allows time-consuming routine tasks of identity management (IDM) as a... Read More »


Many people write me discussing me that they want to start a new business or make a major change in his life but money is an obstacle. Although there are businesses that do not require a large initial investment if that must be taken into account your financial situation because starting a business concerned about... Read More »

The Largest Volcano In Europe

Most of our planet's population knows of the existence of the volcano Vesuvius, which owes its popularity is very powerful and tragic eruption, when lava was buried under a city – Pompeii. However, not everyone knows about "Neighbor" Vesuvius, who lives in the same Italy, Sicily, and moreover, is also still in place, unlike its... Read More »

Olympic Stadium Solar

On the construction of the ice rink on the Bell Tower Road 14 in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf a Photovoltaikkraftwerk will produce in the future clean solar power approximately 289.300 KWh per year. A new era for the ice sports in Berlin was heralded with the groundbreaking in December 2009. The environment will benefit from the new ice... Read More »

Tyumen Optimum Rest

One of the most important components of any relaxation, whether it be relaxing in the evening, at the end of a busy weekday or on a vacation in vacation trip to either, it turns out, no doubt, a sauna. It is believed who have not been in the sauna, he did not feel real life.... Read More »