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The services we offer include the following: short-term care (giving a reprieve to hardworking carers); full-time nursing care in the comfort of your own home; nursing homes; services in public and private hospitals; advocacy help (if you are unsure of how to communicate effectively with your doctors/surgeons and want a nurse to be there for you); rehabilitation centers and more.
We are committed to YOU.  Our staff works hard to ensure they know exactly what their patients need.  We also are committed to our patients’ loving and hard working caregivers who seem to never get a break.  If they are rested they can care for their loved ones more easily so we provide oft-much needed respite care too.

Tabula Rasa January

School as the second home of children, adolescents and young people is of great relevance and importance its function since they would be the protagonists in this new paradigm and spiritual values, carried out both urgent and necessary changes in the training of learners attending, tending to become human beings with a level of spiritual consciousness that live in equilibrium with itself and with the world that surrounds him. Holistic education and spiritual values are the way for subjects to live in peace, happiness and your spirituality. This leads definitely to a change in humanity and the world. Educate in this new educational paradigm, forming a citizen with moral and spiritual values which will allow you to live together in society, and also the You will be aware of caring for and preserving the environment and the beings that inhabit the planet. Achieve that man manages his emotional and spiritual balance was reflected in his State and feeling of freedom, peace and harmony which will be manifested in their relationships with humans and the environment that surrounds you. Holistic education and spiritual values are the way for subjects to live in peace, happiness and your spirituality.

This leads definitely to a change in humanity and the world. Bibliography CALLE Marquez Maria Graciela. (2007) Formation in values. An alternative to build citizenship. Tabula Rasa January-June do not.

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The method is simple, as all the good things and functional, however, ambient reasons have soldier on barrack duty that such process occurs satisfactorily in the last times, frustrando, thus, thousand of dreams to have its functional utility and reason of justified existence. Proper I, reiterated times have to materialize attemped me without success, and I look at that it is not guilt mine: I possess excellent curriculum vitae, and esbanjo physical vitality. First, we face the frequent dryness of some deserts constructed with a mass tar, the one that call of asphalt, and stone pavements that do not leave at least an opening for any brotinho, who will say a mud puddle. Walking herculeamente in that environment mrbido and hot, where we come across with hasty and very sizudas figures, we can with luck, to arrive at some periphery, where with little possibility some land can be found, but this very barren, and as already I explained, for not terms roots, never in penetrating it. In this environment, not rare in them they pass quick vehicles of the age of the information, that raising one mundareu of dust, in them full the pulmes of bricks. After very walking, to look at daqui from there and, some fortunate dreams finally find so dreamed and natural mud puddle, and without blinking they are launched of head in its possibility of life, but thus the problems had still not been finished. But they had started, therefore to dry itself will be one another great obstacle, since the pollution has been so great the point of empalidecer the necessary sun the drying of our mud, and before exactly to be dry, ready, it is acid rain there stops dissolving in them and diminishing all our expectations of materialization. Really, Gentleman, ours in case that not if it deals with whim or lacks of contemporaneizao attempts, therefore already we search in them to adjust to modernity, substituido the old grudenta mud puddles for the uniforms and good dosed cement masses of the concrete trucks mixer of the trucks.

Christian West

However, let me remind you that Jesus brought the ethics and morality higher than you can find on Earth. Or adding the teachings of the most illustrious philosophers and thinkers, we could obtain a best compendium of teachings of love, respect and justice, moreover not only preached but lived by those who brought them. In the referred Article talked about all Freethinker will end up being an atheist, or that if you are a believer you is because you’re not a freethinker, but this is not true. My experience has been that to be a true native Christian today as they were the earliest followers of Jesus, I’ve had to be a freethinker, soon as you discern much and learn to differentiate between what is Christian and what is Catholic disguised as a Christian. A few examples: If Jesus said: not for yourselves call Rabbi is there why priests?. If Jesus said: you do not call Holy Father, why is there a holy father on Earth, named Pope?. If Jesus said No construyais stone temples because ye are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, Why are there so many temples, cathedrals, churches, parishes, Bishoprics, abbeys and monasteries? One joke after another of the words of Jesus de Nazareth, without going further, from 2000 years ago keep him hanging on the cross.

Of course there is Catholic fundamentalism in the Christian West, less evil than the Constitution us cover despite the manipulation that the churches want to continue taking over our lives. Do is if not fundamentalism wanting hanging crucifixes in schools?, does is if fundamentalism does not impose religion classes to children?, do is but fundamentalism baptism of the newborns? That’s not Christian, thats full of dogmas, rituals, liturgies and sacraments ecclesial fundamentalism. Not many know that quantum physics has found God. The great physicists of the 20th century found in inner most of the atom, in its most indivisible and indestructible, part life. No matter if God, power, be called higher or flowing life.

They discovered that this energy acts in each molecule, in every atom in each plant, each animal and of course in every human being. God does not live in a stone Temple, lives in us and this is not Pantheism as the Inquisition would have qualified it, is science and is real. Therefore it is not God who should resign, it is not God who should Apostatize, but Church. Astute was St. Jerome who managed to sneak through the first selection of sacred texts, visions of Juan de Patmos. In his book of revelation discusses the Babylonian harlot, and exhorts us with the phrase: salt of her my people so not you spilling their sins or catching you their pests.

The Bathroom

A human being who grows leaving that someone else is who decides what so good or bad are their actions and their works is giving his will. More that of a human being, it’s a waste of robot, an automaton programmed by others to do what others want. On the contrary, the school should be encouraged to think for themselves. Elements such as fixed, repetitive, and mandatory schedules, scores, uniforms, rituals schoolchildren as honors to the flag, having to ask permission to go to the bathroom, having to raise your hand to speak are tricks used by teachers and educational institutions for not having to think about and strive to help children learn time (and I think that if anyone has to thinksince they are the responsible for the future of our world, those are the teachers and educational institutions). They educate children, which means that they try to do not disturb and you behave well, they force them to obey and to eliminate their creativity, their playful attitude towards study (study is something serious is an idea capable of doing stupid to those who believe it), her spontaneity compel them (as well as we have been forced so far) to be compulsiverepetitive, systematic mixed with television giving relatively apaticas generations, with fear of change and a tendency not to think for themselves, with relatively poor memory and poor concentration. Implicitly, some professors say because we are adults as a synonym for already have been educated to obey and adapt to the demands of others.

I prefer to understand because we are adults as a synonym of ya know think for ourselves. Contact information is here: Peter Rose. 1984. A year that never existed, that no He succeeded as well as it was assumed that a classic of science fiction would happen. Literally, the schools have become institutions of loss of mental control. (Source: Fred Lynn). Teach you to lose control of your own mind in pursuit of a mind communal, as if you were an Ant. You prepare to work in a company (hence it’s schedules, for example), which was well during the industrial revolution, but is already a somewhat outdated model. Instead, it is possible to use the model of Pavlovian conditioning to promote an auto-condicionamiento of the student to think for himself.

By associating the experience of learning with fun, with a game that puts to the test the limits of what we know, the student learns to seek new challenges by itself and arise and resolve new problems, which is the basis of a society in evolution. Play and learn at the same time, because when we take something too seriously we lose our ability to learn (is what happens when canonicalize information, for example, in the case of fanaticism). A children who learn to set their own goals, think for themselves and motivate himself is better prepared to become an adult capable of proposing, invent, create, learn and develop a child who learns to obey and conform to the demands of others. Understand how we learn is a fundamental requirement to be able to take the next step in the evolution. Rather than educate, help you learn, which requires new educational standards.


Since then, it is necessary to break down activities to be performed, what each represents in cost, time, skills, knowledge and responsibility of persons involved in order to empathize in scope, what they generate, they require and to determine where it can be their weaknesses, obstacles, in order to make the necessary corrections and avoid negative results which hinder the efficiency of the processes that will be implemented. You must have in mind also in implementation, as indicated in jet.es/amozarrain/Gestion_procesos.htm. , some characteristics of the processes, such as: the description of the inputs and outputs the process crosses one or more functional organisational boundaries. One of the significant features of the processes is that they are capable of vertically and horizontally across the organization. Talk of goals and purposes rather than actions and means required. A process responds to the question, not to the as. The process has to be easily understood by anyone in the organization.

The name assigned to each process should be suggestive of concepts and activities included in the same conclusions definitively, is necessary, to establish models of procedures that will work its employees at various levels, streamline their processes along the value chain and benefit from continued development and continuous improvement of the processes of the company. Implement the business process management implies a change in the Organization and provides organizational concepts to actively guide the processes of change, must be very attentive that will involve the management of the process, its reach, which involves and above all something very careless, as it is its functionality and control systems. * Notes of process management: virtual classroom, graduate program management of the quality and productivity of Faces, University of Carabobo. Original author and source of the article.


Scrates wanted to demonstrate with its method that nobody knows that they do not know anything. That he is very different. Scrates did not please to his pupilo, but Scotland goaded and it like the tbano one on the cow Io.(4). 2. – THE COACH IS NOT A PSYCHOLOGIST. It is certain that it stops to exert coaching is not necessary to be psychologist.

But there is one who affirms that when is spoken of coaching, she is spoken essentially of psicologa.(5). Nevertheless, the psychologist is associate to the analysis and treatment of pathologies, whereas coaching analyzes and tries with dysfunctions? In fact, duality is originated by the psychological principle of the psychoanalysis, since by this freudiana practice, which looks for are " defaults" in the childhood hidden in the unconscious one. Coaching, on the contrary, distance of those depths. Coaching does not deal with patients. Coach replaces the vertical relation by a horizontal relation, between trained and trainer. Authors like Grant define, it as that one process that facilitates " learning autodirigido". Others like Lily Fertile valley, describe to coaching like " alter ego that helps to remove best from itself to the people sanas". Even there is who settles down the relation between coaching and fast food on the one hand, and psychology with the spanish stew.

Also it is necessary to say, that specialties of psychology as social or the psychology of the organizations provides useful methodology to apply techniques of coaching to any activity that requires certain degree of productivity (6). 3. – THE COACH IS NOT A TEACHER. If we followed by this way of a Coaching that it advocates: coach is a maieutic Scrates but in addition it is not a psychologist psychoanalyst. We can arrive easily until the consideration that coach is not either a teacher to old usanza. Then the main motto of this conception of coaching is: " to teach without adoctrinar" , where the other is Experto.(7) This coach does not have answers because the answers lie inside the trained one, that assumes or estimates will have all the mental and sapienciales resources to obetener what desee.(8).

French Symbolism

Aesse to resurge of the philosophy of the spirit and the nationalism, joins it more reaction aoRealismo with the proposal of a literature directed toward the forasinteriores of the man, for its psychological and transcendental dimension, beirandoo mstico and the irrational. This literary trend received influence diretado French Symbolism, that in 1886 already launches its bases. RELATION BETWEEN ATEORIA OF the CORRESPONDENCES AND POETS DECADENTISTAS With Baudelaire appears the theory of the correspondences that considers umprocesso cosmic of approach between the physical realities and metafsicasque if express through the sinestesias (metaphors that consist natransferncia or crossing of perception of a direction for another one, that is, afuso, in one only act of perception, two sensible or – more former ones. music candy); theory of that the imagination is the essential college of the artist, because it to permiterecriar the reality. Of it the Symbolism inherited: the drunkeness of the sensations, ointimismo in the poetry, the proposal of ' ' correspondncia' '. Afase of the Symbolism, phase of preparation, negation, protest is understood for embryonic decadentismo, deindividualismo. The volpia for the anarchy, osatanismo, the perversions, the morbidezes, the pessimism, the horror of the realidadebanal stated the decadentistas; they searched a universe chimerical as form to escape to civilizaocorrupta (retaken of the romantic escapes). The decade of 70 is realistic eparnasiana, the step that of 80 if becomes decadentista and simbolista, cultivandouma poetry of suggestion and musicalidade, correspondences and interrelaes desentidos, and a literary life marked by the eccentricity, artifice, insnia. The change is gradual, and if it evidences with the increasing influence of Baudelaire, Mallarm, Verlaine and Rimbaud, as the great masters of the poetry not objective descriptive eno. For 1880 return, it is spread idea of decadentismo, characterized in 1881 for Paul Bourget in an article where it identifies oestado of decay with Baudelaire, mstico, libertine and analyzer, typical deuma series of individuals ' ' incapable to find its proper place in trabalhodo mundo' ' , discerning it stops with ' ' the incurable mask of its destino' ' , extreme eindividualistas pessimists, wanting to submit the world to its necessidadesntimas, and feeling the time as of crisis and boredom, fatigue and degeneration, dissolution and me the conscience.

Pedagogical Coordinator

In relation to the students who are not alfabetizados, it is important that the school looks for to organize itself so that they can understand the functioning of the writing system. An important step is to interpret its writing to know which is its hypotheses. In case that the professors of the group do not feel themselves apt to carry through this analysis, he is advised to search support with the Pedagogical Coordinator, colleagues who act in Cycle I and with the responsible professor for the Room of Pedagogical Support? SAP. For that already they decipher, but they present little fluency, at the same time where it is necessary inseriz them in the activities of classroom that they involve practical of reading and writing, by means of the mediation of a more experienced reader or of the professor, she is necessary also to plan didactic situations that can stimulate them to conquer it greater autonomy. If you would like to know more about Jessica Pels, then click here. Engage them in a project where if they record ribbons cassette with the reading of histories for children of the initial years can listen, while they turn pages the book can be interesting. To organize permanent activities where they previously read assayed poems or they present said periodicals of notice related to the contents that will be studying in the different areas are other possibilities. The second phase of the proposal of guiding of the disgnostic evaluation consists of selecting texts in not only chats, but also in other formats, as lists, graphs, tables etc. as the readers, to the times, they present performance more good to read texts of a circulation sphere of what of another one, it is important to diversify the choice: texts of the literary sphere as fbulas, stories, chronicles; of the journalistic one as notice, graphs; of the scientific /divulga pertaining to school dog as stretches of units or didactic book chapters, tables.

Obsttrica Nursing

The attention to the woman in its puerperal gravdico cycle still is very focada in the tecnicista and biomedical model, that takes the woman the dispensable interventionist procedures. The unnecessary consequence of hospitalization in the childbirth and surgical interventions take to a significant increase of the index of maternal-infantile morbimortalidade and hospital infections. Beyond institutionalization of this woman in labor submitting itself it norms and politics that exclude the possibilities of a full relationship of this woman with its familiar ones and even though with its baby. It has that if to stand out that the Nurses need conditions institucional politics and to attend to the childbirth fortifying its professional identity, what estimates greater qualification and power. For this, it is indispensable that the Nursing is enabled and sensetized to work in set with the team to multidiscipline to surpass conflicts. Being thus, the Obsttrica Nursing has for relevancy to defend this noble cause, facing the challenges found during the management of its professional exercise and to support the politics of implantation of the humanizado normal childbirth praised by the Brazilian Health department, respecting and bringing dignity to its customers, making to be valid the bases of professional lines of direction of the Nurse. 5-REFERNCIAS ALMEIDA, MS; Assistance of nursing to the woman in the puerperal period: an analysis of necessities as subsidy for a construction of pointers and sort.


In a month of 30 days, selling chupetes of rising tide, Juan he wins s. 2, 700 suns ($ 1.000). Tmese in account that in Peru a teacher, a police, a nurse, does not gain that. Juan he wins more than anyone of them, although a teacher to be it studies the university 5 years, a sergeant major of the national police studies minimum 3 years and one nurse three years in an institute superior. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jessica Pels offers on the topic.. to go. Juan nonstudy not even the secondary one, but that was not a disadvantage to reach labor success. They would already want but of 300.000 taxi drivers of the country, to win what Juan wins. A taxi driver in Peru working 12 hours daily does not arrive at but from 1.200 monthly suns, with rented car.

secret of Juan in order to achieve the success he was to choose a labor activity that he consists of offering rich ice creams of rising tide in tropical means, where the temperature arrives at 30 degrees under shade. And in which each settler eats to at least 3 day chupetes to the day, by excessive heat of the Peruvian forest. He is but, Juan does not have shame to work like chupetero. It has hundreds of friendly, that go from officials government, lawyers, judges, secretaries, police, doctors, who are his clients. Juan he is personage very wanted in Iquitos.

Ours friend I face the challenge of being a traveling one, organize myself, chose the places to that very well it was going to arrive, schedules to do it and soon it put in its plan of work practices, with optimal results. As you not always see the way the success it is writing-desk, position executive, to be industralist. The way to the success it depends on one same, of the challenges that we assume and to have very clearly ours objectives. Juan the chupetero, he knows. wise people your?