You want to laugh and dive for a while in a foreign world? Bruchsal October 19, 2009 – there is still life after forty after the magical age sound barrier. What we can say to the books by Jutta Schutz: your books are simply different! The author writes hilarious and elsewhere mourning and in between you can laugh out loud hearty. Their main character in this novel is a lovely young woman around 40, which is suddenly reflected after a divorce between two men. The University of Chicago usually is spot on. As in her first novel (miracles take time), succeeded her, to write very vividly. With ease, to transform words, in friendship contactor has managed to convey a deep feeling of the reader.

The spelling of contactor is very gentle, sensitive and easy to understand in this book. It is not difficult the readers in this story down to dive, and the end is then suddenly very different as you might think and maybe leave a melancholy aftertaste. A beautiful Book for each season. In the summer on the balcony, in the winter beside the jug with hot tea and Christmas as a suggestion, a few thought to make, whether it is not more time for their own should partner. You should see certainly many things not always taken for granted. A few questions remain ultimately, leaving one with the thoughts, and the desire, as maybe the story could go on.

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