Many people write me discussing me that they want to start a new business or make a major change in his life but money is an obstacle. Although there are businesses that do not require a large initial investment if that must be taken into account your financial situation because starting a business concerned about the money is not the right thing. So I leave four suggestions to help you if this is your situation: 1. saves. In general it is advisable to have savings that allow you to live at least 6 months (ideally a couple of years) without work. So even if you won’t be able to boot won’t have the economic pressure that you can make decisions risky, we already know that making decisions in times of crisis is not the right thing.

You can make this look impossible, also there are other options such as borrowing or helps a family, but what I most recommend is that you start to save. Speaking candidly Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. told us the story. And if you’re thinking that you’re going to take a long time, think put that the more you off it more you will take. The time is going to happen like you whatever you do so better than When you pass already you’ve saved and not continue as now. 2 It reestablishes priorities. Sometimes it’s not lack of money, but you have other priorities. Many people say that cannot afford hiring a coach, but then bought a car, they go holidays, etc.When you really want something, you do whatever to get it and put it as your number one priority. Think, if the business or project that you have in mind is your number one priority, what actions would you take?, in what spend you the money? Maybe going out to dinner every week fuer already would not be so important, buy clothes and makeup every month, or have TV cable. You decide (remember that it is temporary, until you put up things or save enough, you don’t have to sacrifice what you like forever).

3. Make sure that the money is not an excuse to cover up another fear. It is easy to put the money as an excuse, I said before that when you really want something you do everything they can to achieve it, so maybe there is something hiding behind that excuse. Are you afraid? A. failure to success, to stay single longer spoke of fears in another article. 4 Prepare while you save. The idea of you spend much time saving you can seem like a big sacrifice and take away the desire to move forward, but you don’t have to stay standing while you do it. Begins to clarify that it is what you want, create your business plan, you design your ideal business, steps that you have to give, what are you going to need to find out, begins to create your website, that will make you be motivated and go ahead. Start a business or make a major change in your life requires time, money and desire. There are hard times, but it is also very rewarding and a process in which you learn a lot. I recommend that you do a list with all the reasons that you can think why you want to start that business and the reasons why you deserve it. Please always present and not surrender. And above all, it ceases to get excuses, the time is now, so start now.

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