The Lymphatic Massage And Its Benefits

It could be defined as a periodic series of very gentle manual maneuvers that, based on an in-depth study of the anatofisiologia of the lymphatic system, carried out in order to drain or move lymph than by any pathological cause lies stagnant (edema) to healthy lymphatic points to their normal evacuation towards the venous bloodstream. Why the Manual lymphatic drainage? The key to the success of manual lymphatic drainage is in the drainage of lymph edema, which today proteins, they are not capable of drained by media instrumentals manual lymphatic drainage is a technical therapy of mild and painless massage that aims at the treatment of disturbances of the lymphatic system. To better understand these riots we should first describe the lymphatic system and their functions. This treatment is ideal for people who tend to retain fluid, product of evil functioning of the heart, liver, kidneys and the venous insufficiency. The technique of lymphatic drainage is to reach healthy lymph territories excess liquid accumulated in areas of edema through tampering or massages. Lymphatic drainage must be practiced by a specialized therapist or lymphology specialist. Get more background information with materials from The University of Chicago. Is based on two types of movements: one of evacuation, intended to evacuate the lymph to distance from the diseased area into the vessels precolectores and healthy collectors; and another of resorption, to favour the penetration of lymph into the lymph vessels at the level of the edema area.

Visit a SPA. Greater profits and better blood circulation lymphatic circulation muscle activation eliminates cellulite renal system activation activation of the metabolic system this treatment depending on the anatomical characteristics of the hard patient enters 90 and 120 minutes. It does not cause pain post-treatment. If different parts of the body are measured before and after, as for example different sectors of legs, arms, waist, bust,(hay una planilla premarcada que nos ayuda a manejar_nos mas facilmente) observed decreases of between 1 and 6 cm usually in each measure, which added according to a standard, gives us a considerable decrease in measures and in addition a toning other interesting. As this process is not electric, but electromagnetic, benefits continue to have effect, at least for about 10 days after treatment, which means that by that period of time we are eliminating toxins, and if you take advantage of this circumstance can eliminate many more poisons and also lose weight. If this treatment is accompanied with a proper diet to that person (which is achieved through the biotic nutritional photo analysis), with a good intake of fluids, with hydrotherapy regular (baths, saunas, Finnish baths, etc.), this process of elimination of toxins can stay active for months, that gives us a good detoxification and from the aesthetic point of view is achieved lower many kilos and rearrange the figure by redistribution of the dough liquid and muscle. This technique of lymphatic drainage, explained above, as a method of detoxification, is highly recommended in people with cancer, no matter where it is, since the mobilization and elimination of toxins promotes the recovery, but due to the effective one resulting from the aesthetic point of view has been incorporated into the routine of treatments to lose weight.

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