Alpine Republic

The popular card game Hosn OBE now available on the iPhone obe play Vienna Hosn”has the classic card game walk the team of DonkeyCat? r iPhone and iPad in place. Here is one of the most popular card games u? ever. It is known by many different names around the world. “” “” “Alone in German-speaking countries it is known even among swimming”, 31″, knack ‘, moustache” Wutz “or bull”. Many names but an easily comprehensible? English gameplay, the great game fun fu? r young and old guarantees: each player gets three cards, the goal is a Mon through clever cards swap? urge to achieve high score. “Hosn Ultr – 31″is the latest development from the House of DonkeyCat his first card game app download,”, an implementation of especially in O? angefu Austria very popular Schnapsens, the download charts of the Alpine Republic temporarily? nourishes and since then gathered a loyal following around. But you wanted to not leave it: there are simply too few really well-made games in the Mobile area, and this we want a? change. “, explained? rt Marco Woschitz from DonkeyCat, therefore it was obvious that we also Hosn Ultr ‘ make, especially since not only known but also quickly learn the game on your Smartphone and is tactically challenging at the same time”.

While the developers looked with great attention to detail especially on the attractive design and intuitive operation. Hosn Ultr”is the beginning of Yes? Men 2013 receives? available. It is not only in the single-player mode against the computer but also in multiplayer mode via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, either with double-German playable or franzo? Chinese playing cards. The rules: There are two to four players and 32 cards. Each player has three cards and three lives, represented by Streichho? wood. You can exchange his cards with three on card in the center of the table in each round, fit, or tap. The knock is the signal to end the round and add up the value of each card.

Tap so only someone should, of which u? is assured to have not the cards with the least number of points. The player with the lowest Score loses a match. “He not any more, he must swim” This means that he can still play once, until he endgu? carefully goes down “. The winner is the player of the u? is brig.

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