The Publisher

The new site design, which already has been nominated for several design competitions, has a distinctive recognition value. Tredition publishing house was founded in Hamburg in 2006 by Sandra Latusseck and Sonke Schulz and has the goal to provide the best and fairest way of publishing for authors. tredition was founded with the realization that just about every 200 manuscript submitted to publishers will be published. Yet, every book has its market and its readership. tredition wants to open up every book its special market. Now, authors can publish independently three book types (print-book, e-book, audio-book). Also many literary partners (editors, translators, Audiobook narrator and illustrators) offered in the publishing it, manuscripts to improve or increase the variety.

Authors arrange their cooperation regardless of tredition with literature partners and can jointly participate in the success of the book. His publishing concept as so-called offers tredition since 2009 White-label”on. That means that tredition customers using this “white label”-Angebotes quite easily and quickly will become the Publisher of their own books and book series. Renowned companies, magazine, newspaper and book publishers, universities, research institutions, consultancies u.v.m. Count tredition’s customers. The Publisher was awarded numerous innovation awards, including webfuture Award and the book Digital Innovation Prize, and he is also a member of the Stock Exchange Association of the German book trade. The unique literature network, the fair and transparent conditions, and the high quality standards establish the innovative concept of the Publisher. Sale on all book trade route. Conquer”the book market with tredition together and publish risk-free and easily your own books – or even become the book publisher for others. Company information: Jutta Schutz (writer, journalist, psychologist, Lecturer) writes books that inspire, motivate and special insider knowledge (Lifestyle-related diseases, diabetes two, low-carb nutrition form) provide.

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