Modern life is necessarily subject to change. Many of these processes, involuntary ourselves, may rejoice with more or less success, hence we endeavor firmly into consciousness cause changes in our environment that have no other objective that make us masters of space and the context in which we live. One of these most common actions occur in our homes. A human being transforms, oddly for pleasure, your everyday habitat. In fact this action is part of the ancestral domain man and woman engaged in their domains. Throughout history there are many examples that demonstrate this exercise of power. The first and most remarkable transformation that has news is the cave painting, is undeniable caves – once understood the metamorphosis suffered by housing spaces filled up your walls with these symbols, if because to the naked eye are not rather than that, but if we stop and delve only a few centimetres more, we realize that primitive man stopped being more wild when I fill your eyes from images and he began to believe in the beauty of the forms.

The first and most important function of art, in any of its manifestations, is to entertain, this is a truth as big as a temple. Thousands of thousands of years ago the first drawing in the wall of a cave, already outside by a man or a woman primitive (I tend more for this last and other articles will explain my theory), we became a mutant beings, constant beauty, unhappy explorers with statism and tedium, i.e., allowed us to us today turned, with more luck and awareness than others, renovators of the soul. Thank you old men and women. Ricardo Santiago Sanchez.

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