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Daniel Willmann

Rocci and Wucher harmonize vocally perfect. An another Duet on the CD is the song”rival of love. Here, drummer Daniel Willmann sings with Friedl Wurcher. On the stage, which is Performance of the two is now a highlight of each show and tears the audience enthusiastically from the seats. “In addition a reaction, that at... Read More »

Cinematic Highlights

2012 Movie review: the editors of myFanbase will reminisce about the past year of cinema and chooses the cinematic highlights of the year in January, 6th January 2013 2012 Herne. Bipolar disorder takes a slightly different approach. Already for the third time in a row, the film editor of myFanbase can reminisce about the past... Read More »

Damchand Raypal Yadav

Is it true that you had to learn to dive for ‘Blue’? Yes I have swimming and diving learned it was exhilarating! Incredible! I mean I can’t believe that I went so far in my life to do this. Have you never previously appeared? I couldn’t swim! I only swim haber and then learned for... Read More »

Bilas Rao Pardesi

It was it not something surreal to shoot a film in which people pretend to watch a filming while the true villagers have seen to this is not almost something like a time warp? Yes indeed. Many in the crowd are actors and the people are very sweet in this small village. The innocence and... Read More »

Shah Rukh Khan:

Interview with India’s superstar on the occasion of the international cinema releases from Billu Barber Shah Rukh Khan, who is recovering at the moment in Mumbai home from his shoulder surgery, came last Friday after London, the latest production of his company red chillies entertainment, Billu (Barber)’ to promote, where Khan is it even in... Read More »