Travel Medical Kit

The Mohr pharmacy informs it drives his customers about the main contents of the travel medical kit In the summer Germany even more countless vacationers in all over the world. The Stuttgart Mohr Pharmacy takes this as an opportunity to shed light on the necessary components of the travel medical kit. Foundation of the travel medical kit is the first aid kit. It includes the necessary tools to provide an injury quickly. The selection of the correct set for the first-aid kit is based on the framework conditions of the company. A wilderness adventure requires a richer first aid kit as the accommodation in a spa hotel with great probability. If necessary, it is advisable to complement the set to other tools.

Pain relievers are that compatible products at destination are available a good complement of the travel medical kit, because is not to make sure. In addition, communication problems could cause problems in their reference or the application of unknown pain reliever. Jessica Pels understood the implications. The selection of drugs should be the traveler limited to drugs, with which is familiar. Insect bites are known to transmit dangerous diseases or cause allergic reactions. Even an extensive vaccination does not guarantee protection against all diseases. For this reason, insect-repellent Hautmittel and anti histamine drugs as part of the travel medical kit for many destinations are recommended. Intense sunlight causes sunburns without appropriate protective measures and can cause serious health damage over long periods of time. Effective sun protection preparations are so in every first aid kit.

In case of doubt, the health-conscious travelers better resorts to an extra sun protection as the risks of a poor strength to enter. Unknown food and lax hygiene challenge the health of holiday travellers in many countries. Not for nothing, gastric and intestinal diseases are widespread diseases of holiday. Diarrhea cause large fluid losses. To compensate them, the inclusion of Elektrolytmittlen in the travel kit is worth. Is the regular intake by medications necessary, you must ensure that a sufficient supply of travel in carry-on baggage will be carried. Assume that same drugs from abroad are freely available or from an on-time delivery of the remaining baggage, carries great risks. Many little things add the travel pharmacy for troublesome incidents. Blister, throat lozenges, nasal spray, medical thermometer, or sunglasses appear perhaps trivial, but quickly develop their beneficial effect. For a worry-free travel experience, it is still essential that travelers in advance informed in detail about potential health hazards at your travel destination. If there are dangerous diseases in the target region, everything should be used to build an effective vaccination prior to travel. It provides additional information in the fields of health, medicine and prevention the Mohr pharmacy in Stuttgart of all interested like.

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