TimoCom also has a strong lever on the hand with their procurement platforms. The company defaulting payers can block access to the stock market? Leverage, which works very well internationally. Many writers such as lumbar puncture offer more in-depth analysis. Many black sheep will be deterred even in advance of the use of the software and trying not to become a member.” Strongly in the information flow, in addition, Andres appreciates good information flow at TimoCom and uncomplicated way of proceeding with the collection management. There are clear rules: once the first 30 days after the payment deadline passed and was reminded of the debtor without success, acquires the collection case TimoCom with official governmental approval. Native Dusseldorf company employees give their injured customers information, whether the money still is expected then as quickly as possible. This saves them the decision on unnecessary legal fees and court costs. To be able to compete in action, the injured party must send the collection order form, as well as the relevant transport documents TimoCom.

These include the invoice for the provided transport service, a delivery confirmation, as well as the conducted admonition to copy. Andres, excited: it’s almost a pleasure, to fill out a collection, because you know: something happening and you will no longer put off, while other institutions only again discuss with the defaulting payer. This to lose unnecessary time, which can be devastating for the business”. The collection order form to be sent is customers on under the heading security in TC Cash Care to download available. Or simply wearing the word collection”in the upper right A search window. A close exchange of information between TimoCom and the victim takes place during the complete settlement of the debt. Good price / performance ratio the conclusion of Patrick Andres very positive: I think the collection service of TimoCom almost perfectly. The success rate is high, the communication with the collection Department is exemplary and is the price-performance ratio at national and international level.” As TimoCom shall charge a general only 12.50 EUR for the processing of an order.

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