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The method is simple, as all the good things and functional, however, ambient reasons have soldier on barrack duty that such process occurs satisfactorily in the last times, frustrando, thus, thousand of dreams to have its functional utility and reason of justified existence. Proper I, reiterated times have to materialize attemped me without success, and... Read More »

Closed Doors

I know that I do not go to give itself very well alone, but already arrived forgives me to the hour, but I have that to face I have that to go. It sees all are trying, I know that it will not have easinesses I confess that I have fear, but to your makes... Read More »

The Things In The House

The people know who me find they know that me but I always surprendo but of form good with the time our for caracter go if forming we go in becoming adult and new responsibilities arrive until us half that flying n? , people if feel half that lost when has fifteen years as in... Read More »


This is a task that will only have success if the society also if integrar' '. The City of Lizard also is making its part, being able to be cited the event ' ' Lizard against the drugs, Wins the vice! Alive the life! ' ' , that it was carried through in day 13... Read More »

Quality Searchs

To receive certifications from the people who follow the God and gets success. At the time where still we were in the world, with headquarters to know exactly the Mr., we clamamos the God so that It teaches in them this pass-the-passes, a personal and intransfervel experience, that each one of us lives of entire... Read More »