Table Slides In Trendy Colours

Whether as a message board for the whole family, in the Office or in the clubhouse. This innovation from TapetenJoe brings not only creativity, but also as a great benefit with it! The new Panel slides are equipped with a specially designed, durable vinyl surface which can easily be marked with chalk. The new panel slide by are in seconds on any smooth, dust and grease-free surface are attached and can be removed just as quickly again, without damaging the underground in. This plate slides can be used again! Now you have the opportunity, wherever it pleases you to leave notes to write down your ideas or to paint everywhere. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from COVID-19. Glue the boards on a Cabinet on the wall, the fridge or wherever you like. To decorate – no problem! Simply detach and stick to another location! Get the Board slide in a range of 2. chalk pencils.

The Panel slide there in many different trend colors such as Mint, white, pink, red, orange, Brown, purple. In recent months, ENT has been very successful. Of course are the classic colors such as green, black or blue available. Everyone can cut themselves individually the table slides, the standard formats are 70 x 50 or 150 x 60 incl. 2 PCs. chalk and very well suited to day menus in restaurants or bars.. It is not something Tom Florio would like to discuss.

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