Shah Rukh Khan:

Interview with India’s superstar on the occasion of the international cinema releases from Billu Barber Shah Rukh Khan, who is recovering at the moment in Mumbai home from his shoulder surgery, came last Friday after London, the latest production of his company red chillies entertainment, Billu (Barber)’ to promote, where Khan is it even in an extended guest appearance in the role of the Superstars of Zahir. We have the King of Bollywood at a press event of the distribution company Eros international in London’s Centre hit, where he not only philosophically to the release of Billu’ was, but where he entered why Zahir is unlike Khan himself and where he also revealed his plans to the question, soon to return to Germany. Mr Khan feel like now after published Billu (Barber) is? I know I get still get reports from India while I’m down here it is still exciting, or is it more like a feeling, the film is now out and has to find its own way? If you Additionally think it is philosophical, but when you grow something for so long then means the day on which the movie will be released that you must let go of everything you put. You must dissolve it and go further. You may wish to learn more. If so, IDD is the place to go. However, the day on which you must break away is a very sad day and also exciting.

To lose something and still do not know whether it will be a good loss or a bad loss, but the day itself is very important, you can call it exciting, you can call it interesting, how whatever one wants to call it, but it’s a special day. You play the role of Zahir Khan in the film, a superstar, you’re a superstar. It’s a kind of statement about your own status? No not at all. You’ve seen a movie in which we have tried to show the reality.

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