Shelving systems are new in the range: light load to heavy-duty allow installment put together different modules for the individual storage facility. SETON SETON is the B2B mail order Division of BRADY Corporation and specializes in the distribution of products for the identification, maintenance and marking. 1 Overview deals SETON since 1988 with the safe and simple design of the daily operations of many companies. The range includes approximately 70,000 products, from the simple warning and barrier tape, signs and labels of any kind, to labour and environmental protection products. Both in the SETON strong over 700 pages catalog as also in the large shop that takes you many products, often required by law, but usually hard to get are. 2 The company SETON started the family Seton with a small machine in her house 2.1 History In 1952 with the embossing and engraving name badges. The company was renamed in the course of a huge expansion in 1956 Seton name plate Corporation. 1981 sold Mr.

Seton the company to the BRADY Corporation. the SETON GmbH, a German subsidiary of the international group founded in 1988. At the beginning, the company only consisted of four employees and was specialized in the distribution of a single product, the SetonGuard labels, which are still among the best sellers. in 1989, the first 32-seitige SETON was sent catalogue for safety and labelling products. Both the catalog and the company grew steadily in the following years. in 1997 was the opening”instead of the SETON online shop. To to respond to individual customer requirements, its own production for labels and founded in 1999. Together with the existing since 2000 design service products to identify the needs of the customers be cut here. Due to the constant extensions and the addition of its own production, the move to a larger building (6,000 m2) Langen in the neighboring Egelsbach took place in August 2009.

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