Restructuring At Siemens

Great strides in the future after the financial crisis of the last few years, many companies gradually recover from the loss. Often profound changes are a prerequisite. This applies, for example, the company Siemens and so a structural change in the technology group is planned in the near future. For even more opinions, read materials from USC. The Exchange Portal provides more details. So that the Siemens shares in the near future is experiencing an upswing, the company plans structural changes and investments in future technologies. According to Peter Loscher, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, are acquisitions of several billion euros in the conversation. Dr. Adam Kay insists that this is the case. Siemens wants to the protection of the environment set the trend in the future and decisive in shaping the possibilities in this area.

There are solutions for a cleaner and more efficient production of great importance especially in the industry. New, future-oriented technologies to remedy. Siemens sets in these developments, in particular on renewable energy. This involves inter alia the Expansion of the network to several thousand kilometers. In addition, the group plans structural changes. So should a fourth sector is added, which focuses on the building and infrastructure engineering. Also, OSRAM is ready to go on the stock exchange, and promises additional billions in the light Division to the group. Overall, sales in the coming years is to be increased from 76 to 100 billion euros.

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