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To receive certifications from the people who follow the God and gets success. At the time where still we were in the world, with headquarters to know exactly the Mr., we clamamos the God so that It teaches in them this pass-the-passes, a personal and intransfervel experience, that each one of us lives of entire and open heart. The first particular experiences with God disclose in them as it is the result of walking sincerely with It, that is, without fear, preconception and only looking at the orientaes that It grants in them. Money: we start to use it and keeps it to be blessing canal, that generates love, that grows and that in it grants advantage to them. More info: muscular dystrophy. The opposite of what we acted when we were ' ' of mundo' ' , therefore we used and we kept the money with lack feeling, attitude that generated egoism, made in them sad and alone attracting damages Tribulaes: we only searched to remove this weight of the shoulders, weak, still in asked &#039 to them; ' why this occurs with me? ' ' , we fall in desperation eem depression. Different of what the experience with God discloses in them, therefore it fortifies our shoulders in Christ to receive this weight, in them becomes forts and confident, exactly that true tragedies in our lives appear, we grow and we go up in being able and quality of life! Quality of life: we understand, finally, the difference that has between taking a simple life and the poverty. The simple life in the ones backwards joy, therefore we have the power of God, we get the growth, value that a minority only obtains to get, therefore the majority not delivery total the God.

Already the poverty backwards limitations, sadness, bitterness, therefore is the situation of that they are completely without God and they suffer, unhappyly situation of the majority of the humanity! Construction human being: many search if to construct of it are for inside, whereas others, not, therefore they search if to construct of inside for it are. This is a vital difference of attitude and vision of world, therefore that one that it searchs if to build of is for inside, only searchs things material, finishes if harming and if it becomes unfortunate person, it falls its standard of living and only limits its agreement of the life. Already that one that it searchs if to construct of inside for is, that is, it searchs to act in God, it is glad, it profits in everything what it places its hands and its persistence, grows every day of its life! In summary, we understand the secret to get certain profit, great businesses, excellent practical results, therefore we learn as to benefit the people with the work who we play Which is secret of this? The secret is the love. this only occurs in God, who in the flame and also in to them grants this gradual and gradual agreement, every day of our lives. On behalf of Jesus. Hear other arguments on the topic with muscular dystrophy. Mnica Gazzarrini email: ' ' Jesus Christ is you ' '

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