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How to make a manual writing (as E.g. scientific work; Instructions for the literature search, to cite, to the use of the library, etc.) and publish online. If you published a guide, so should be considered to all parts of the work. Source: Prof Saul Faust. The title of the article should reflect the main idea of the conducted research, it should be short as possible. It is good if the title contains keywords. So, he can be found more in the net. The summary to the article in the summary to the article indicating briefly what it is in the work. Any interested person has the possibility, without much time to invest, to find the necessary information.

The summary is especially useful for students – a brief look at the work is enough to know whether one believes the right material for his studies in the hand. You can find the necessary points, then so must be addressed of course already very seriously with the published article. The point of “Introduction of the article” under the item “introduction the article “a brief overview of the literature to appear after the present problem. It formulated the aim of the work here. If it is necessary, to indicate their connection with the important scientific and practical directions.

In the introduction, no specific terms should be used. Also the analysis of the sources is mentioned in the manual for a publication, which have been used in the preparation of the scientific article. That is to bear witness to the knowledge of the author of the article on the scientific achievements in the corresponding field. He will browse determined very much literature. While the author must specify necessarily the names of other authors, whose research he had become familiar. More rules for instructions in the manual to indicate the importance of publications of in recent years. An author must have studied through also the foreign publications on the present area. In a manual, which is published, you mention that the bulk of the article detailed that Description of the methodology, which will contain equipment of research objects. The contents of the researches which are carried out by the author, must be highlighted in the part. The obtained results should be explained from the point of view of its scientific novelty. A guide for publications is reminiscent of the writing more rules. The illustrations, the links to the cited sources there are in the article, and the tables should be numbered according to the order of citation in the text. The instructions for work, which will be published, also mentioned that the main results with reference to their relevance should be formulated in the part “Conclusion”. Register now for free and publish instructions online.

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