Foods that are digested daily must pass through many processes before reaching the plates, as with one of the things that are consumed more meat, where one of the starting points are located in such the food is also known as refrigerators or cold rooms where many types of meat have a great time in these places and then be sold and put on the market. Fridges are large rooms that have certain qualities in terms of maintaining a cold temperature, as indicated by its name, but also act as a container and preserver of food, refrigerators are also used as the place in which different animals slaughtered cattle and swine obtained from the various meats, and after being slaughtered, in the same refrigerators go through different processing and selection processes of the parties. Cancer Research may not feel the same.

After slaughtering has been made is stored for some time the different parts obtained from meat, which is point very important to the average temperature that handle the cold as the time to put on the market various kinds of meat in the fridge there is uncertain, so the cold own one of these sites allows the meat is kept in good condition for the human consumption until the time they are sold. Refrigerators can be both state-owned and private actors, but whatever the position of the agent, you must meet certain conditions, since the activity taking place in the refrigerator has several consequences in society that action at refrigerators space deserves attention, and the operation of the refrigerator depends on factors such as public health, access to the product of labor, social and even religious precepts. In response to the above conditions are plotted action models in the refrigerators on the location, operation and processes for the slaughter and deboning. Based on social trends in various measures were created search protect the rights of animals, with the elimination of certain practices to avoid suffering the same.

Other measures have been imposed to refrigerators is the proper treatment of wastes to prevent public health problems caused by pollution, process planning and implementing appropriate kit. The presence of refrigerators meant a breakthrough in terms of production processes of meat leaving behind the primitive slaughterhouses, so imposing cooling processes by means of ammonia, which undoubtedly reduced the number of problems that generated in slaughterhouses as unsanitary conditions and diseases by the presence of microorganisms that were generated by exposing the outdoor activity. For the correct operation of refrigerators should be made use of large quantities of hot water for cleaning and sterilizing meat, tools and the same place, plus refrigerators that work on the basis of cooling consume large amounts of ammonia electrical energy that is transformed by a primary generator itself..

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