The exercise continues to be a mere encouragement. The main objective of any exercise or training is not more than ask the body an adaptation to achieve repeat this same action in a future more efficiently for as running it today. And to make the training to stimulate our body, as minimum you have to meet a standard: effort. If I want to ensure that my body be encouraged through physical activity I don’t have another outlet that put him into a compromise. I have to make clear to him that I want to achieve a goal.

A goal that now my body cannot reach. If the body is sufficiently trained to perform the action that we propose, you will not have anything new to what adapt and not start none of their systems to achieve a change in performance. Thus, when train by lifting weight, this should be sufficient to reach a point of considerable fatigue. The message I send is Eo! Week coming I want to be able to lift it more easily, right?. When I do cardiovascular exercise to burn off some calories, a little bike for example, has to be at a significant pace. But how many calories will I burn? Four? And when I do a stretch or a mobility exercise I have to try to reach certain limits so that my body can adapt to this new range of mobility, to this new position. But it will always stay in which already has. So, when you say an announcement equivalent to abdominal 3000 without effort or your posture will improve without effort, do not buy; I do not even think about what it costs to doing so many abdominal, nor much less the months of constant work needed to improve a bit bad posture.

When a magazine you read a diet that allows you to lose weight 10 kilos in a month without effort, will not stop reading; a diet entails a change of habits and know what it takes to change a habit? And when put forward you physical activities as Tai-chi, Pilates or Yoga effortlessly do not exist; as noted that few people really know how hard that is one serious Pilates or make a single Yoga position perfectly. Therefore, the exercise has to be characterized by an effort, a fatigue stimulation for the adaptation and improvement. Forget about any activity devoid of effort. Results reside in the effort. And the effort originates the value of things. What value does something that has no cost some effort? None. You deliver when you train? Just tired? Or have you gone to hang out? Do your best and the results will come very soon.

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