Our memory is so powerful that when starts to give the first signals of weakness, then perceives. In fact, our memory is capable to record as much thing, in as much way, linked to such point, that not even the most advanced computers it world possesss capacity to surpass it. Read additional details here: The Greater New York Construction User Council . Our memory is also very intelligent, it knows which part of the souvenir will be important to keep, which the part that it can keep but of one she forms more occults and until which memory it can simply discard. The problem is when it starts to discard more than what she would have, or then loses access the memories that are more occult. To keep a good feeding, rich and varied, is good not alone for our body, but also for our memory, that I eat it needs some nutrients to function well.

Below we go to list five foods that help sufficiently our memory, confers: The fish possess Omega 3, that it enters some benefits, still protect the neurons of destruction caused for free radicals, beyond it also possess acid greasy that facilitate the intercommunication of the neurons finally and, possess vitamin D sufficiently, that it helps to renew the neurons. The apple is an excellent fruit for our brain, it possesss sufficiently fisetina, who acts directly in the reinforcement of the involved parts of the brain with the memory. The broccolis, and also the spinach, possesss sufficiently acid flico, that helps to develop the brain of embryos beyond participating in the carried through chemical reaction in the brain. The oil also is an excellent acid source of greasy, that facilitates the communication between the neurons that circulate for the brain. To finish we have eggs, that it is a great hill source, a substance that forms new neurons and repairs cells of the brain. Moreover, the egg helps in the creation of a neurotransmitter of the memory. Then it keeps a healthful and rich feeding, and prevents memory problems.

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