Nicomedes Guzman

Until 1920, it occupied a place in the memory of the Chilean people, historian Maximiliano Salinas, held a research paper about the influence of popular literature, in the sphere of the sacred, as construction of social consciousness, published in magazine Araucaria (1986), entitled the Chilean outlaw of the 19th century. His image in the popular wisdom. This text is extracted from there. See more detailed opinions by reading what cancer research offers on the topic.. The Hussars of death were created by him and in Maipo fought without bitterness but with glorious luck; After that strong arm by sincere carrerista was in a treacherous manner killed by an Argentine. and so died the fine head that humbled the arrogant Goth.

It may be far from being a well accomplished verse, you can not complying with all the formalities required by the Decalogue of the poets, it is likely that you are not at the level of sharing, leaves with names such as Huidobro, Parra and Zurita, but anonymous ten lines referred to, are a historic moment photographythey are the cry of those sentenced to death of history and in that sense transcend much or more than any of the publicly recognized poets. In the early 20th century, authors such as Victor Domingo Silva, Cosme Damian Lagos, formed a valuable support to the nascent labor movement, accompanying Recabarren in the birth of the working press. The so-called literature social Baldomero Lillo, Nicomedes Guzman, are a contribution from the moment that the subject to portray was the worker, in their joys and sorrows, entering the forbidden mine, to the bedroom of his house. However, the aesthetic evaluation of these authors was always in question, as the General chant of Neruda and the literary production of the generation of the 1980s, marked by the existence of the dictatorship. Frustration and stagnation, are chords words when attempting to portray the situation of literature and its relationship with social change, frustration because; the discursive elaboration that gives account or proposed since its strategy, any sensitivity that escape to the pleasures, the immeasurable suffering for the lack of a beer or blank page, are quickly strikeouts of pamphlets of propaganda, i.e., pseudo-arte. Intellectual stagnation then, has its roots in the search for a security and maintenance of order – that can be occasionally attacked – so that everything can continue in the same way, the analogy that best portrays this time, is the long political process of post-dictatorship, where the powers that be have managed to exit gracefully, at the expense of the democratizing demands of the vast majority of the country, in the same way, in the areas of literary comments and journalistic criticism of the category, advances are almost null, voices have multiplied, but the theoretical livelihoods that allow their elaborations, don’t give account nor the current philosophical discussions, nor much less the new approaches to the aesthetic phenomenon, where in some cases, the return to the subject and his environmentthey are items of importance when set up and validate a product, a creative effort.

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