Nemomarlin Lands

Nemomarlin () is still sowing and reaping benefits in new autonomous communities to which now had not. And it is that recognized franchise of nursery schools has just started to provide its services in the town of Toledo Illescas thanks to Miguel Stuyck, the franchisee that has decided to embark on this new adventure closer to the world of children. Currently, this sector is one of them more stamina showing due to continuous demand that is generated. It is for this reason that the more complete is the offer you have more chances in the market and that is precisely what convinced me of the Ensign, he says the franchisee. The new school is located in the Avenida Intergolf s/n of the lordship of Illescas of the toledan town urbanization. The room, in front of which there is a staff of 8 people, has 380 m2 divided in local 300 m2 and 80 m2 patio. In addition, the Center can accommodate up to 60 students who will be distributed in 5 classrooms according to their ages.

The truth is that the Nemomarlin project seduced me from the first moment. It offers a series of activities which, at least in this area, are not common. The possibility that children learn English from 4 months, from my point of view is a clear differential value, and like this one, many others such as the adaptation of the menus at the prospect of students with eating problems explains Stuyck. Moreover, if there is something that takes turns at the head of the parents at the time that their children start his first school adventure, this is the security. I have no doubt that one of the main points being searched for choosing a nursery school is the guarantee that laying down measures that ensure the integrity of the school.

There is no comparable Centre in this aspect the area in which we are. We have since security doors and outlets height up floors and walls lined with fireproof material. I as father would want the best of the best for my child, and in these schools have it undoubtedly highlights the franchisee. New sights, and is that with this new opening, Nemomarlin his first adventure begins and it continues to meet the expectations of expansion that had marked. New entrepreneurs bet on us and help us that our concept of education reaches the maximum number of families. We want that parents trust us to what they most want, their children. That is why we insist on a model of schools that is perfect for the little ones, but also for parents, says Hector Diaz Reimondez, Managing Director of the network of nursery schools. Franchisees help greatly to the development of the ensign and become an active part within the Ensign. We have a series of characteristic values that are our hallmark, but new ideas offered by them represent a plus in quality and the offer that we give. It is a team work of which we are all participants, ends Reimonde. Press Office and RR.PP for management of interviews, the expansion of information or graphic material sending do not hesitate to contact us. Tel.

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