The difference between a good and a special massage experienced attentiveness just a kind of building boom, similar to like Spa about 20 years ago. Silverstein Institute brings even more insight to the discussion. The quality of this principle is thereby diluted in some places near the point of being unrecognizable. But it is a total valuable enough to still look at it with attention. What does mindfulness now actually mean? Many people think everything is carefully done, is already vigilant especially in massage. But far from. Mindfulness means to be noticing him with all its facets and elements, and are free to make any evaluation in the moment. And what sounds so pretty simple, is actually a quality that is not easy to achieve. This already starts with the perception of the different facets of the moment.

We are usually so identified with what we are doing and feel that perceive as quality is an almost foreign concept. But there is a glaring difference, if someone comes to the massage and says “oh, almost if I come too late, since” There was an accident, because I didn’t come through – I’m so glad that I still in time… did it “, or whether this man says”I’m still so excited because it looked as though I would make it not just in time and mind so much, if I can be not just in time. ” But I notice also a relief, because I still did it. And my thoughts are still a moment still at the accident, I have just seen I need to switch for the massage.” The difficulty becomes even clearer when it comes to the aspect of “without competition”. How self-evident listen or records with “say to” and not even feel this as rating: “I’m too demanding”, “you were too fast” etc. If you try this statement without scoring, you’ll notice perhaps that is not so easy: “I realize that it is not easy for many people, when I clearly express my wishes and demands,” or “it would have been more enjoyable for me, if you slow” been ‘d”.

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