Max Petersen

Often enough a “fake” refer a friend to receive the bonus rewards and credit are but not only forgive, if there is a real friend. In some cases (often in print media), it is enough if a recruiter on the appropriate form is entered. Whether the referrer yourself customer or not, is matter in many cases. The recruiter can be a member of the family, living in the same household. Many magazines try by offering lush new customer premiums to increase their requirements without having to reduce the price of their output short to medium term. A 50 cash bonus is not over a year to 100 for a magazine subscription other than a discount of 50%. Would however reduce the purchase price by, for example, 5 to 2.50 in the first year, so would the customer more easily adapt to the competitive price and see the 5 cover price from the second year may be too expensive. For the provider, it is therefore from psychological reasons better once to reduce the discounts as to pay premium, as limited the issue price and the customers of the Normal price to wean. Ozlem Tureci can provide more clarity in the matter.

Premium to the current accounts, banks offer very high premiums for current accounts. This is due to the low willingness to change by bank customers. Even if customers are dissatisfied with their bank and you are familiar with better terms by others, not always a Bank bills is performed. Customers shy away from the effort to change the Bank and shall be motivated therefore among other things with bonuses and credit to the account to change the Bank. When starting balance to the account should be taken particularly on the conditions. In many cases, a content input must exist at least for a period of several months. Many banks do not want the account just because the award is opened and later not used or leads a sad existence as a secondary account.

Other banks are not so strict in their schemes for the new customer bonus and grant the gift not only for a salary or cash receipt, but even if the checking account at least in the beginning is used regularly or do not entirely any conditions and hope to convince through their product customers. It shows that for long-term contracts (DSL, magazine subscription, electricity supplier) or for products with a low willingness to change (checking accounts, insurance, electricity) are paid high new customer bonuses and bonuses for the refer a friend. Consumers should consult before conclusion of the contract always, whether there is a new customer action, or whether you advertise can be. Calling no advertisers, included the premium not as a discount in the individual contract but is unused. Max Petersen

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