Carried out only once she does not lead to the desired success however. Meaningful alternatives set as a medium – or long-term programs, which can easily be integrated into everyday life. Of course to success: with TEA-toxing the advisable alternative to food supplements and expensive chemical agents is tea. As a detoxification only with sufficient fluid intake can be tackled, corresponding teas already support the detoxing on natural and sustainable way. However, pure liquid supply beyond tea can play a far more active role in the process of detoxification through an appropriate combination of natural ingredients. So the concept of the tea-toxing formed”- a detoxification with the help of tea. Cancer research is actively involved in the matter. Basically you trust at the Teatox on the natural active ingredients in plants, herbs and fruits, which the tea mix be attached.

To ensure their maximum efficiency, the purchase of products from organic certified cultivation is recommended so that no additional pollutants and pesticides are attached to the body. Are, firstly, the main advantages of the Teatoxing: the regular hydration, second: the use of natural substances that are not foreign to the body and thirdly: the ease of use over a long period of time. To ensure tea Detox Spa in the morning & evening to a sufficient fluid intake to create a motivating rhythm and occupy all plant-based active ingredients at the right time, is a detox treatment with organic tea blends, drinking in the morning and in the evening. The goal of such a process is to promote the body’s decomposition processes: A morning blend can stimulate metabolism by addition of Lemongrass, ginger, mate and green tea, promote fat burning, strengthen the immune system and regulate the digestive system. As part of a mix of evening calm Peppermint, lemon balm and lime body and spirit while elder and cornflower blossoms bind toxins and regulate digestion during sleep. In conjunction, the herbs cause a more relaxing sleep and an optimal use of the night’s sleep for more detoxification. (Herbs and their effects: Infobox) Green tea of the Jack of all trades”are the flowers and leaves of the tea tree, both as an ingredient in herbal mixtures and varietal in the form of green tea a real multi-talent. Green tea stimulates fat burning has been proven and is also similar to a cup of coffee in its effect.

However, caffeine in green tea is a bound and therefore safer variant of the watch maker. During the processing of tea leaves fermentation (fermentation) the leaves will be stopped and many valuable amino acids remain in the tea leaves. This makes the tea to a veritable health miracle: he has an anti-inflammatory effect, prevents infection, lowers blood pressure and reduces even the susceptibility to certain types of cancer. “To beat is the effect of green tea by itself: in the form of Matcha”, a painstakingly collected powder from the meat of whole green tea leaves, he exerts its effect in the most concentrated form and enjoys increasing popularity with us.

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