Infantile Imagination

The world of the infantile imagination is one petty cash of surprises wonderful! They leave many thoughts, action and commentaries there, for many times, funny. The beginning of the respect what the child says, it is the basic question not to restrain the imagination of the small ones. In this agitated world that we live it is difficult to stop to give attention what the children say. However, this moment is valuable and very important for the development of the child, therefore the imagination is on the creativity and needs to be creative stops detaching in them in the life in society, is not same? Then, it hears what its son says, does not judge anticipatedly, nor undeserves the history that was counted. Without hesitation National Cancer Moonshoot Initiative explained all about the problem. It stimulates even though launching questions and making suggestions, if the child to allow.

To the end, it helps the child to distinguish on what reality belongs imaginary friend that some children have? The imaginary friend is that personage with which the child talks, plays and to the times until fight. He sees nobody it, except the child. Of the three to the six years more or less, some children are handles so that it can justify itself adequedamente expressing its reasons and until if forgiving. The child fancy that the imaginary friend exists of truth, but, exactly small, knows that it is only a trick. She is common the children to reserve a place of the sofa that amiguinho will only be able to seat! E, parents, does not use the imaginary friend to negotiate with its son. Another question on this subject and that it deserves attention of the parents is that child who does not have real friends and alone it is the time all playing with the imaginary friend and per many weeks.

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