Immunity Cells

2 series of studies conducted on 20 mongrel white male rats (10 rats in each series): control (C) – in intact animals and with the simulation of acute hypoxia (OG) by placing rats in a pressure chamber for 1 hour, lowering the pressure in 2-3 minutes up to 308 mm. Hg. Art. GNYCUC is often quoted as being for or against this. Counted the total number of leukocytes in the chamber Goryaeva and leukocyte counts in absolute (Profile Mashkovsky) and relative terms. Phagocytic activity (PA) leukocytes was investigated in vitro by incubation of native blood with the culture of Staphylococcus aureus, followed by cytologic examination of blood smears. Studied the following indicators of phagocytosis: phagocytic index (FI) – the percentage of white blood cells that actively involved in phagocytosis and phagocytic number (SF) – the average number of absorbed bacteria per one leukocyte.

For more in-depth analysis of changes in phagocytosis, we used the estimated coefficients: Phagocyte pool (FP) – the sum of fractions of phagocytic leukocytes by profile Mashkovsky (C + R + M / ml). Phagocytic capacity (EF) – the coefficient relating phi, sf, and op, which characterizes the total number of microorganisms, absorbed all factions of phagocytes per unit volume of blood – the pt (C + M + M) (PI / 100) sf. Number of monocytes in the control group was 260 cells in the og – 63 cells. The content of segmented neutrophils increased from 580 to 1700 cells. Nuclear neutrophils were 140 and 800 cells, respectively.

Also during hypoxia noted the appearance of young forms of neutrophils. Of lymphocytes decreased from – 4090 to 3540 cells. In the control fi = 92%, sf = 4. When og fi = 76%, sf = 2.6. Also at the og increased af and ef. Thus, when exhaust from leukocytosis increased overall pt, but decreased their absorption ability.

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