Holland Young

The money is ‘ great ganador’ and the cause of the drug consumption. It is anonymous, uniform and permanent; I create to have read that is in operation does more than 4. 500 years in mercantile interchanges. This is sad, but it is the pure reality. Powerful horseman is gift money! , that says our Spanish collection of proverbs.

We finish speaking of illegal drugs. idiosyncrasy of each country is different: Madrid is not Paris nor New York. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Alcohol Addiction. Perhaps, which is good for Holland is not it for Spain. Would accept the Spanish society the legality of certain toxic substances? I am speaking of the Cannabis, to say something. I believe that they are the doctors, legalistic, moralistic. , who, in short, have the last word. We cannot ot even for a moment forget that, although we do not express it tacitly, our good friendly the alcohol and the tobacco is authentic drugs in our 21st century, finished to begin.

And it is that the cigarettes that are sold – to consume are authentic sweepings for our organisms (by the way, that, 95% than are smoked, without doubt, are injurious substances for the human body: not only in the long term, but to short. Once the nicotine penetrates in our lungs never never leaves. And it is more: all we have knowledge of which to smoke cigarettes – their chemical nicotine and other components, are the people in charge of the infantile sudden death – young and children, if their mothers consume cigarettes during the pregnancy. Of the alcohol we can possibly say the same, and but she burdens, since young – young and young included between the 10 and 12 years in future, with spending power sufficient, during all the week ends they consume alcohol – the sufficient amount so that, some of them, even loses his you bring back to consciousness. Of course, causing corresponding to the misfortunes to father and relatives when they are called to ambulatory hospitals and where you have been taken care of as a result of its state of intoxication. Sad grief! , because one is also is father and. We have finished speaking of legal drugs. And known he is that the alcohol and the tobacco, without a doubt, are authentic drugs, and also they kill. He is known well that to smoke during the pregnancy he is harms for the fetus that inhabits in the belly of the mothers – our daughters of Eva-. And here we can include the syndrome of infantile sudden death, associated to the multiple factors that are associated to this last one, and whose main cause of the same we must to include the nicotine.

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