Google AdWords SEM

The main techniques to improve the performance of our SEM campaigns: Importance of keywords in Google AdWords SEM campaigns. The most common error of users of PPC campaigns when selecting keywords is to not select any match type, or sentence nor accurate. It is very important when choosing a key word we always have to add the plural forms, synonyms, related terms list of keywords and misspelled words. Try matching options keywords. Some keywords work better as an exact match. Others, however, offer better performance with phrase matching. Here, The Greater New York Construction User Council expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It is very important to add negative keywords, the result will be excellent. How to create your ad on Google AdWords campaigns SEM.

Include language designed to entice the customer to take immediate action. Organize your ad group by categories: products, services or other categories. oRedacte campaign ads from its keywords. The aim is to write creative advertisements and differentiate ourselves from our competencia.oIntente include a minimum two to four ads in each ad group. Google shows ads that offers better results. It is important that our (CTR) is as high as possible. (To optimize your CTR is to use the matches and be careful with the content network) optimization of our landing page: Do not forget their original objectives: The easier it more profitable to have the user get (will increase our conversions in our campaigns Google AdWords is very important that the landing page must refer to keywords, offers and calls to action. simple as possible for surfing the landing page.

Try the user does not have to search what you want. Facilitate usuario.oFacilite navigation to users to find what they want in three clicks. oNuestra landing page has to be practical, functional and avoid obstacles to users. The easier user has it better for our Google Adwords campaign SEM.

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