Golden Earring

At first I thought my stereo had happened something terrible. But after checking it was found that with a player all right. In fact, something awful happened to my memory. The first album Greenslade, perhaps, was indeed rampant and a new one. That was in 1973, but in subsequent years, we learned what Madonna, Police and the Sex Pistols, so now this music sounds like a cross between "awful" and "Ridiculous." For you, my former classmates, the moral should be clear.

If you have an extra minute, in any case do not go to the music store and do not buy albums with music that you like once in my youth. Snow Goose sucks. Yessongs nothing more than idiots. Jane Figueiredo often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Focus – it's just a stupid group, a Golden Earring – a group of one-hit wonder. But on top of all this trash rests group Greenslade. The same story happens to the cars. If you're in time to shiver at the knees loved Alfasud, it does not mean that you get the same pleasure from it now. Because you've already corrupted by riding on the Golf GTi and bmw 325.

It is possible that your first car was a mg, but a ride on it now, you're unlikely to vsplaknete the lost youth. You only get wet and earn a headache. And then the car breaks down altogether. Nevertheless, there are albums and groups who, in spite of punk, disco, grunge, rap, Wet Wet Wet, techno and heavy metal, continues to sound fresh and very much in cash.

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