German Fantastik

Gender. The good band I the return “are not only good and the evil not exclusively evil.The stone gate – volume I the return “appeared in the Noel-Verlag, Oberhausen and is available on amazon as a print edition, ISBN 978-3-942802-25, as well as in the amazon Kindle store at B008RZCZSK as an E-book version, also in the Noel Verlagsshop, the homepage of the author of Pia Guttenson and XinXii. Size: 331 pages (print) live and great love of Scotland of author Pia Guttenson Pia Guttenson was born in 1974 in Backnang in the REMS-Murr-Kreis. PIA Guttenson IM Bildungszentrum Weissach Valley visited the nearly intense as the school library. Books and writing were her passion.

PIA Guttenson works as an adult in the retail sector. But she never stopped to write. Until today she reads two books a week. PIA Guttenson loves the Celtic culture and has lost her heart to Scotland on their travels. Pia Guttenson is the stone gate your declaration of love of country and people in Scotland and all Celtic the. rough country history.

The mystical and mysterious Scotland feeling brought impressive them to paper. In the annex of the band I the return “describes a glossary all acting figures. Still, the book contains a Gaelic/German at the end of the lexicon, as well as real-world advice for real friends of Scotland. A family, a vision and the concept of success Noel-Verlag Oberhausen the Noel-Verlag as a family business based in Oberhausen has made the promotion of emerging writers of almost all genres to the task.You can’t get as a writer in the world. But you can – if one strives one. We want to help! This aid is support by a professional editing, which offer good promoteten one publication, as well as motivation of regular literary competitions for the publishing team. For the annual fantasy writing contest world gate “there was recognition by the 2nd 2011 at the German Fantastik price. In addition to this and many other monthly or annual Tenders for newcomers and savvy authors the Noel-Verlag examines promising manuscripts genre fantasy, mystery, science fiction, crime, humor, children’s and youth literature and animal themes. Animal welfare, another important theme in the Noel-Verlag, is supported specifically with the proceeds of the writing competitions. Annette Bankey for: PIA Guttenson

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