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'Shrek' – hour and a half American animated film from renowned directors Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson on the subject of children's book writer William Steigen 'Shrek'. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dean Ornish M.D. This animated film has remained in the hearts of the majority children, and adult viewers of the planet. Any part of the audience waited with great impatience, and looked on with delight. And so far, though Shrek each time we have a tremendous satisfaction from watching. The secret to this Attachment to the green ogre? The highest success so far has the first movie Shrek 'favorite with many of its mobile and unusual stories, memorable and funny scenes and funny characters.

Huge Shrek green troll living in his hut in a swamp in the wilds of the most magical land Dalok and no one bothered, he wanted only peace and quiet. However, its absolute quiet was broken when the evil Lord Farkuad declared outside all the magical creatures of the law and sent them into exile on the swamp Shrekovo. Who liked solitude troll nothing left, you go to the Lord with a request to remove all settlers from its native swamps, and volunteered to accompany him talkative donkey Duncan, with him they have become real friends. And Lord Farkuad, who wanted to get the royal title, made Shrek to go disembarrass beautiful princess from a distant tower, which is guarded by an evil drakoniha. But by donkey, and his charm to, fight with drakonihoy did not have to, and together they went to take Fiona Farkuadu. But all would be well over, if Fiona and Shrek do not like each other and end up kissing the princess, Shrek took the unusual curse with her – she was just as huge as it is. After this remarkable stories priklyuchecheskoy all sophisticated audience eager to read the cartoon and they saw it as the second part of 'Shrek'. Directors have set a task to avoid beating around the bush and did not want or like, repeat.

For this earth fairy kingdom was expanded and a trio of main characters were added father and mother of Princess Fiona, original fairy Godmother and her son – handsome prince, as well as great cat-in-Boots'> Cat-in-boots>, which became a rival in the battle for Donkey place squire and the biggest success filma.V second third of the reins of the kingdom moved Shrek and his wife, Fiona. They do not want to edit Dalokom, and wished to live quietly in the swamp. So the heroes have nothing left to seek sole successor of the throne – Arthur. Shrek, Puss in Boots and Donkey go to long journey to persuade the boy to stand up to the throne, and Princess Fiona all the while keeping the throne of his capture Prince Beautiful.

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