EFT Anxiety

In each case it will be different but it will be the same if we compare these three people of the example since it is the base line of activation that each possesses. Then appears the so-called anxiety State, i.e. extra activation that will occur when the situation so requires (flee before a dangerous animal). It is evident that this overactivation will increase the level of anxiety trait that has each one as much as necessary to successfully cope with the problem that comes before us; but as the base starting point will be different, if for example the increase of 4 points, in the case of uan person with anxiety trait of 5, will rise to 9, in the 7 will increase up to 11 while that of 3 will only reach 7 points. What happens? While each is accustomed to its basic level of activation, when a situation does is shot, the signs and symptoms that accompany this increase can reach to be disproportionate and instead of serving us, harm us. In this case, the emotions of fear, insecurity, alarm and stress that accompanies them serve as triggers and enhancers of this vicious circle mentioned above. And this is what happens when we have an anxiety attack: US shooting above what is necessary and in the absence of a situation which thus justifies it and, at the same time, there will be a block in the body energy system that prevents that aenergia continue flowing as if it were a living River.

It’s like a short-circuit that will trigger again each time let’s think of the problem in question. As we see, these thoughts and emotions negative that go with the excess of activation they serve as enhancers of our reactions, so we think that if we act on them, that empowerment cannot occur and here is where EFT fulfils its role of admirable, efficiently and quickly, dissolving the lock quickly. While the person is focused on the issue at hand (after evaluation of the degree of anxiety that produces) we act very gently hitting certain acupuncture points that make this short, that blockade, is dissolved without pain nor any suffering, achieving the degree of perception of the problem anxiety decreases or disappears altogether. I.e., the memory is not forgotten or situation specific, but that will no longer be respond disproportionately to them, which is one point in favor since it is not cast lots of land on something that is not but follow buried there and can appear at any time again, but, rather, react positivelyAdaptive and provided at each time.

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