Dynamics Of Growth Of Prices For Metal Products In Russia

In March and April 2007 virtually all Russian enterprises which are engaged in the steel industry, increased prices for manufactured products. There were massive publication, handling customers in government bodies in which condemns Russian metallurgists in the growth of inflation and price rise. The price increase earlier this year for raw materials has led to increased production costs on the Russian market. Add to your understanding with Preventive Medicine Research Institute. In January 2007, the cost of scrap 67%. Although the cost of raw materials in the manufacture of metal is 57%. Worldwide rise in prices for raw materials has led to an increase in prices for metal because of the increasing cost of metallurgical enterprises.

The open nature of the Russian economy and processes, creating the world markets made an impact on the Russian domestic market. But despite this the price for metal in Russia does not correspond to the level of world prices, although sales metal is still a highly profitable business. Metallurgical plants do not increase the volume of deliveries, despite the situation of the world market. For quite a long time companies have stable export. At the same time in the last 3 years the consumption of metal in Russia increased by 23%. World market prices have increased significantly due to increased cost of raw metal and real growth consumption. Consumers of steel are expressed, concern rising prices for metal, in fact, demonstrating strong growth of economic indicators. Thus, buyers turned to antitrust authorities with complaints of manufacturers of steel and demand: lower prices for steel products and more favorable terms.

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