Correct Breathing Food

We breathe continuously, day and night, filling our body of oxygen. When we are born, the first act is a deep inspiration and when we abandon this world, the last act is an exhalation, completing the respiratory cycle. Our life unfolds between an inspiration and exhalation. We can be several days without eating or drinking, because the body will draw from accumulated reserves, but we can’t be more than a few minutes without breathing. The Act of breathing is involuntary and is governed by the autonomous or vegetative nervous system. We take air more or less twelve times per minute at rest or physical activity moderate, mobilizing around half a litre of air at each cycle (inspiracion-espiracion). Oxygen that we incorporate into the lungs passes into the blood where it binds with the iron in red blood cells and is distributed to every cell of the organism. Correct breathing is one in which air enters through the nose during inspiration and expands the chest and the abdomen.

Healthy breathing is the diaphragm call, with which we are inspired to expand the chest and pushing with the diaphragm to the abdominal contents into the pelvis, expanding it. Site follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. There are people who have a breathing paradoxical, contracting the abdomen and to elevate the chest, either simply to mobilize the upper part, the zone of high ribs. An inadequate respiration produces: 1. poor oxigenacion.2. Feeling of running out of breath or always be sofocados.3. Chronic tension in muscles of the neck, shoulder and upper chest that have no main function in respiration. The position of the head being pursued developing points trigger (nodes of contractures). 4.

Shoulders forward (rounded). 5. Lack of flexibility in muscles of the thorax and abdomen: kyphosis toracica.6 exaggeration. Accumulation of secretions in the poorly ventilated areas of the lung. Having a breathing pattern suitable, i.e.

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