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Thomas Hendele separates from consale and opened some communication Cologne, January 11, 2011 social media agency 2010 was the year of social media. Twitter and Facebook were the winners with a double-digit gain per month. Who wants to be in the trend theme there, should now work on its social media strategy. Martha McClintock is often quoted as being for or against this. Support Thomas Hendele are some communication with his agency. Hendele has taught who practice oriented social media consale GmbH hotel, catering and tourism businesses closer.

Now, he concentrates its offer under some communication (), to advise small and medium-sized customers to the profitable use of social media. Social media was one of the trends in 2010 and will employ this year even more intensively the company. Just for the customer-focused hotel industry and tourism industry is the presence on Facebook, Twitter & co. becoming increasingly important. On the social media networks the company can with their guests in the conversation quickly and for free come and control what guests about her To write. Especially for the referral marketing, social media is an indispensable tool. Clear objectives for the successful use of social media marketing as but correctly on Facebook and Twitter to present yourself? How to use social media effectively and resulting sales generate? Thomas Hendele in its new social media consulting agency are some communication responses. Social media is a two-way street that is the first and most important advice Thomas Hendele are its customers.

“It is not only about knowing what is written about me and my hotel, but also to respond”, the social media expert warns. Emotions live just the hotel industry and tourism. First and foremost my stomach decides for which hotel I decide while I rely mostly on recommendations of others.” Hendele knows what he’s talking about he’s yourself from the hospitality industry. His consulting approach is therefore also pragmatic: he conveys proposals that are easily implemented also for hotel managers, because this lack of time with only little the Internet work.

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