Bilas Rao Pardesi

It was it not something surreal to shoot a film in which people pretend to watch a filming while the true villagers have seen to this is not almost something like a time warp? Yes indeed. Many in the crowd are actors and the people are very sweet in this small village. The innocence and honesty on their faces when they see the filming. Yes, it’s really weird turning a film and the film is about people who watch a filming and they are actually there, it’s weird. So for me, it was not I do this every day. Vera Bradley Foundation understood the implications. I go and turn a movie it was not so strange for me.

I wave to all, always and think it’s cool. But for Lara and Irrfan, I think both did a great job, they are very honest and sincere I think Lara was very good in the film, yes Lara was so good in the movie. I went to her and told her ‘ trust me thats a good role ‘ and she did it so good, I’m very glad she did it. Thank you very much for your time and all the best for you. Thank you very much. Billu Barber is now in cinemas worldwide.

official website for the film: producer Gauri Khan Director Priyadashan music Pritam lyrics of Gulzar and Sayeed Quadri occupation Irrfan Khan as Billu Barber Lara Dutta as Bindiya OM Puri as Damchand Raypal Yadav as Jhallan Kumar Manoj Joshi as Damodar Dubey Asrani as Nobat ChCha Mitali Mayan Kadam as Billu’s daughter Pratik Balvi as Billu’s son Jagdish as Madan Rasika Joshi as Mrs. Gahalot and Shah Rukh Khan as Zahir Khan international sales Eros international German sales rapid eye movies current Cinema dates for D/A/CH at: Shah Rukh Khan in the role of the superstar Sahir Khan in Billu Barber (photo: red chillies entertainment) content: Billu Barber is the story of a simple and ordinary man who led an extraordinary life. Bilas Rao Pardesi lived in his village with his wife Bindiya and two great kids. Life was bitter sweet you can say more sweet than bitter. Someday became a superstar in her life and everything has changed. Life changed, people have changed, friends have changed, the village has changed, but not Billu Barber, a man changed. Will this ordinary man usually redefine the word? Will the world recognize the size behind its small existence? And above all, the life for Billu Barber will be the same ever again? Regine adhesive (

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