Be An EBay Seller

When I speak of votes for new eBay sellers, I often compare it to having a note on the door of a brick and mortar business for every transaction. In almost any business – no matter how bad the service – which would have a lot of positive operations, and so a lot of positive notes. As a potential buyer, you probably will not bother reading all these positive notes. Instead, you see if there was any negative. If you were planning to eat at a restaurant and find a lot of notes on the big red marker, said the food was moldy, the waiter dumped hot coffee on me on purpose, and the manager chased me out of the store a gun probably would not go there – or at least think twice. And likewise, if you want to buy an engagement ring, but found a series of notes on the door of the local jewelry store that said I bought an engagement ring. Kevin Campbell, Ph.D. is likely to increase your knowledge. The diamonds were fake. Learn more at this site: Rusty Holzer.

And the owner refused to give me a refund, you could drive out of town to another jeweler. Feedback is a powerful tool that will guarantee either success or failure of selling on Ebay. This is why it is so important to use comments carefully. You must do everything possible so that each of the following situations: 1) each buyer gives votes, 2) that all the positive votes, and 3) any dispute or misunderstanding is resolved, resulting in: a) positive feedback , b) Grade each withdrawal, or c) a neutral rating. A lot of eBay sellers have a written information policy that requires the buyer to post comments if you want votes from the seller. This allows the seller to the factor of feedback from the buyer to leave comments. It also forces people who would not otherwise give information to do so.

I personally do not use this system. When I get paid, I leave feedback immediately. My feedback is always positive and descriptive. If I have something bad to say, I try to solve it the first buyer, instead of posting negative feedback. In the example I mentioned above, giving negative feedback to a buyer would be the equivalent of a store owner driving home from the buyer and the publication of a nasty letter in front of the person for everyone in the neighborhood to see . Negative feedback of this kind is not only a negative reflection on my business, but can also lead to retaliatory negative feedback from the buyer. After all, if someone let the nasty note on the door of their neighbors to see, is not at least exercise their right to leave an answer at the door of someone’s business? Again, is why it is so important that these exchanges entirely. In general, it is quite easy to avoid negative feedback as an Ebay seller. If you create a clear store policy and adhere to it, to give refunds when justified, and communicate with their customers every time there is a problem, should not have to worry about negative feedback.

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