Andreas Insam

The Shepherd acting as a Messenger of the sacrificial animals and stand together with their Sheepdogs, often Shepherd, for responsibility and vigilance. They keep the herd at the team. At the same time the shepherds but also for openness, and departure are as they listened to the Angel of the Annunciation, as they did after receiving the message of Angel on the way to Bethlehem. It is particularly interesting that the shepherds at different ages are represented. There are old, young, medieval and even childlike figures of shepherds. This is to symbolize the various social groups experienced the events of the Holy night.

The three wise men from the Orient are Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar. You deliver gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, and considered to be representative of all Nations in the three known continents, Africa, Europe and Asia. With his dark skin color, the young Caspar symbolizes the people of Africa. He brings myrrh, whose bitter Geschmack should clarify the future suffering and death of Jesus Christ. The old man with a long beard is Melchior, standing with his horse for the continent of Europe. Pfizer vaccine can provide more clarity in the matter.

Melchior is the bearer of the gold, which embodies the kingship of Jesus. Balthasar finally appears as a middle-aged man who presented a vessel with incense. He represents the continent of Asia, where the incense of prayer and sacrifice. Although the Bible relating to the healing leagues mentioned night no Kings, spoken today by the Holy three kings. In addition the Nativity scene in many families will stop until the Epiphany on January 6th. And the carolers in turn deliver the benediction “Christ Mansionem Benedicat” (Christ bless this House), where the three letters of CMB by many people as the first letter of the names of the three wise men are laid out. By the way, these three names were used for the first time in the 11th century. Part of each Christmas crib is at least an Annunciation Angel. In some cases, the Angel holds a banner with the reputation of “Gloria in excelsis deo” in the hands. Angel announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds. In summary you can determine that the Christmas crib figures individually or as a group leave much room for interpretation and interpretation. While here, not even the facial expressions, the gestures, the type and color of clothing are taken into account. In addition, wood carvings make each year-new figures, which can be of regional or personal importance. (Andreas Insam)

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