Admiral Rosa Coutinho

I'd rather stay here with you, and so will refrain from seeking Joao bed with me. That was it. Aside from living a crazy weeks discovering their bodies inch by inch, inch by inch, loving without pause or stop, Rose taught him other things to Manuel, the old town of Alfama, the fishing quarter of the industrial area of Setubal, the other side of the Tagus estuary … And he introduced the intricacies of the revolution met the commander Almada Contreiras – "is married to a compatriot of yours," he told the girl said they heard the speeches promising generals and Basque Goncalves e Costa Gomes, assembly-saw movements of soldiers, teachers, journalists … One day, even his cell had a meeting with Admiral Rosa Coutinho: "It is a relative of mine," laughed the girl, playing with the similarity of their names.

The admiral, a Marine elated by the casual revolutionary role he had played represent unintentionally pontificated about a socialist future for Portugal without knowing that, henceforth, there would inevitably be met not one of their predictions. Now sitting in a cafe near the Marques do Pombal, recalls everything. Why had he returned, thirty years later, the scene of his youthful love, the discovery of compelling and passionate love that total? I was not sure. Six months ago not doing so would have thought. But then had not yet abandoned Carmen, his wife, tired of her constrained life and no future, she said, of his vulgarity and his accommodating spirit, argued to quit, as if it had been easier to say simply: "I Ivan decided to go with as it was.

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