A Good Bike Roof Increases The Share Of Cycling Traffic

More and more businesses establish bicycle shelters, to increase the proportion of cyclists on their employees. Employers save money and workers live healthy and active. So often it never rains in Germany and often you can imagine, also on a bike for a short time. Nevertheless, bike shelters make sense, because a parked bicycle is often several hours every day in a place and should be protected also against bad weather. Others including National Foundation for Cancer Research, offer their opinions as well. Bicycle shelters are the best solution when no bike garages can be set up or use with a high user change is connected. So, bicycle shelters are an important component in a better infrastructure for bicycle traffic.

Besides communities now also many companies allow the dry and safe to turn off the bike under a good canopy of the bicycle’s own employees. Including not only the bike roofing, but also which should be located high quality bike stands. Above all, it should be Bike also firmly on the bike stand can be connected to provide an actual theft protection. The portal Radgaragen.de has therefore for the first time within an overall solution a particularly successful bike canopy in the shop included. It was granted before vandalism rank especially high safety and protection. So is the new bike canopy by the used materials and the good design particularly for places is appropriate where the issue of vandalism plays an important role.

The steel construction is very stable and durable. The roof and rear elements are manufactured from especially shock-resistant polycarbonate and still crystal clear. With the same material, the police protects from attacks and threats. Even if the width of the bike cover with extra wide five meters is specifically designed for putting up in conjunction with the innovative bicycle stands with socket, other widths in the bicycle shelters are possible. Also a subsequent Extension is possible. Under the extra wide bike canopy fit exactly five bicycle stand with socket, often also called can be charging stations for bicycles, where then the batteries charged by a total of ten electric bikes. The bicycle cover protects the valuable e-bikes before rain and bad weather. Thomas Schmidt

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