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Northern Europe

In various countries around the world for several hundred years, a "green roof". High insulation qualities make them the most successful decision in choosing the material for roof covering. That is why very popular "green roof" received in countries where low temperatures prevail. At the same time, the sod cover helped to keep cool in... Read More »


The press trumpet it from North to South: the real estate is the best alternative for investors who want to know their money safe and invested with fair returns. To deepen your understanding Matthew Halsall is the source. St. Gallen, 26.08.2013. And sellers of real estate take up this argument and try to inspire people... Read More »

Distance Learning Courses

An academic degree is in most cases of the door to a better career position. For even more details, read what Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. says on the issue. Directly from the University, many companies offer the possibility as to enter Young Professional. But what do you do if one does not have a college... Read More »

Merchandise Work Force

The work in the current society is a merchandise and as any another merchandise can be bought and be vendido. This is a typical characteristic of the capitalism, form of present social organization in all the cantos of the world contemporary Before arguing more than close this question must remember that in the social formations... Read More »

Good USPs For Fast Cars

With and for the Cologne Streaker: HAMMOUD marketing communication GmbH supports strategic positioning the Cologne special agency for IT – and logistics marketing at the Cologne Streaker, renowned transport company and rental specialist, a strategy workshop conducted: together with the Management Board and selected employees, the Streaker extensive structured and defined relevant customer benefits. Werner... Read More »


GET in the game & via AUDIO – play over 10,000 questions and answers via speech quiz like – contacts you like and deny common game evenings? At the same time want you spice up also your general knowledge? Bull’s eye! A huge amount of knowledge in the form of questions and answers for free... Read More »


The significance of culture as a set of symbols and objects that model the behavior of a group of people, is shared and passed generation to generation, is self-regulated, adjusted and beyond. The symbols are reflected in values, attitudes, beliefs, norms, languages, customs, habits and objects, are made explicit in the type of housing, clothing,... Read More »

The Welding Process

Design of complex shape, as a rule, receive the combination of individual elements (components, assemblies) with detachable or permanent joints. Welding – the process of obtaining permanent link through the establishment of atomic bonds between the welded parts at their local or general heating, or plastic deformation, or the joint action of both. Permanent joints... Read More »

Prada Christmas

Christmas is finally coming! Far feels the Jingle of reindeer flying over Madrid. Come December, the city is preparing to transform his usual image in another much more dynamic, lively and bustling. The streets of the capital wearing their finery to receive awaited celebrations: lights, Nativity scenes, firs and multitude of Christmas decorations proffered Madrid... Read More »

XWORLD-Tour 2008/2009: Off-road Travel To The

29 stage of the XWORLD tour reaches the Tibetan Lhasa Tibet from the Chinese Chengdu led the 29 off-road adventures of the XWORLD tour its eight participants the first foreign travel group, which was allowed to travel after almost two years on the road to Tibet. Among them the professional racing cyclist Hanka Kupfernagel, who... Read More »