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Clay is anti-inflammatory, cleansing, calming, antibiotic, healing, antiseptic, moisturizing, detoxifying, decongestant, invigorating, refreshing, regulating many body functions, etc.., These are some of the healing properties of clay. One of the natural resources that the more I am using in my daily life since I had my daughter is clay. During my year as a trainer in child reflexology, LA Hinojosa (my teacher), the always mentioned when we explained a situation with our babies, to solve eczema skin, small bumps or wounds … clay Angeles conducts workshops from time to time to learn to apply in day to day and I decided to make one of their workshops and learn to use it. So I learned how to prepare clay, applications, and today I carry with me always a small clay pot ready for use anywhere. Further details can be found at Douglas Elliman, an internet resource. So when my daughter takes a hit, a scratch is a wound or skin problem it is applied immediately, even she now has two years and asks me where it hurt. Since then I go there for promoting the clay which I think may be useful: My mother one day down the stairs, stumbled and ankle hurt so badly he could not walk, I told her I had to put on clay, took up all night wrapped in a poultice and the next day I had no pain or swelling.

And since clay is always at home, like my sister, a companion, mother of my child reflexology courses … So I decided to gather information and create a small book “healing clay remedies” that can be downloaded for free from the website which is also available. In the book there is much information on the properties of clay, different types, their uses and home remedies. I think that clay is a remedy that despite been used since the dawn of humanity, today is a great unknown and would be nice to regain the remedies that puts us within reach of mother nature with great wisdom. As a natural remedy clay is good, nice and cheap, and gives us a multitude of applications easier for a lot of problems both internal and external.

OS OFFER AN EASY AND SIMPLE REMEDY Pour green clay (which is usually the most used) in a glass bowl (NEVER use metal or plastic because they lost property), add water until covered and let the clay absorbs water, few minutes is ready to apply. The consistency should be like thick cream, which does not leak and it can be applied directly on the skin, wound or blow. For non-staining and the body to absorb the properties of this, we have to cover it, we can put wet gauze and then wrap it with a dry season so we can move without fear of losing the poultice. For small areas, the most practical, though not the most natural thing is to put plastic wrap from the kitchen, this keeps it moist for a couple of hours, but may cause itching if it takes a long time. Once dry the clay has no effect and must be removed to put back again if necessary. Wash with water and discard as this clay may contain toxins that have been absorbed from the skin, wound … To find more tips in the book “healing clay remedies: Health & Natural Beauty. That you can find free on the web:

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