Yesterday Optimism

Some, that unique does not fit doubt the real thing that exists in the life of the human being, is the present, the today, already it happened yesterday, and tomorrow it did not arrive. However, whenever our emotions are canalized of form positive, we can throw a glance to him of reojo to the past or directing the view when far seeing what the future it can provide to us, with a real approach, but always under the flag of the optimism, since the one absolutely is fought with the other, and if we do therefore them, we are nourishing to our brain with a healthy feeding, and not with food sweepings, that is the one that the one that we used when we embraced to the doll of the negatividad. Read more here: Novavax. If we centered our emotions, for example, in the world of the physical activity and the sport, so that we are habitual medical instructors of exercise in its diverse forms (as it is the case of that writes), we could establish the past and the future with the following positive approach in each case. A) Emotions of Yesterday: Here we could talk about to the satisfaction to have secured a personal objective, as it can be, to have itself recovered of injury after many months of inactivity, with certainty and sacrifice, working in a determined program of recovery. B) Emotions Morning: In this case, example to apply, can to be the one of that runner that confronts his first race of Marathon, those 42 km and tip, that the sportsman has seted out to cross, and for which it is had to prepare confronting the challenge with great optimism and enormous self-confidence. We have left finally, which we are living at the moment, here and now. The reality of the daily life.

What exists. C) Emotions of Today: Here the approach we can do it on an become fond of sportsman who every day trains by his account, or, run, swim or slide, to mention some examples, and confronts is daily physical work with a great enthusiasm and the satisfaction that produces to him to make sport, although this always supposes a concerted effort and sacrifice. Really, the objective, is to always canalize the emotions of positive form, as much those that we are living at the moment, which they are more important obvious, like that we have lived and those that can come, we waited for if them with a good psychic predisposition, and for all we leaned in concepts like satisfaction, optimism, self-confidence, enthusiasm, and many other similars that belong to the family of always living in positive.

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