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The musk is the trade name of a fragrance that many years ago is present in the history of mankind. The origin of this particular essence is found in the excretory glands, near the genitals of a very particular variety of deer originating in central Asia: the musk deer. Musk, this is the name of the substance that these animals excrete, is the active ingredient that gives this particular essence that aroma as: sweet and warm and long lasting. The way to extract the active ingredient musk deer led to this almost to extinction. Other leaders such as blood test offer similar insights. Other varieties of animals which are extracted musk musk ox, musk duck, and even muskrats. Certain woods also produce a similar smell like musk wood of the Guianas. The procedure is somewhat cruel: it kills the animal, and completely removing the gland. It is then dried in the sun on a hot stone, or dip it in boiling oil.

Pure Musk has a pungent smell, almost unbearable for humans, but as perfume, in small doses, perfumes generate long-term, and an unmistakable aroma. The popularity of musk is alleged, it is an aphrodisiac. The reality is that in the animal, the musk is a substance that elicits the response of the female animal. Humans have used this agent since time immemorial, not only in perfumes, but in oils that are commonly used in the practice of tantric yoga. It is also used in aromatherapy, ie the curing of diseases through smells.

Chinese or Tibetan Musk is the most precious. It's packaged in tiny craft vessels, richly decorated with filigree. They are vacuum sealed to preserve the scent. Musk is extremely powerful. With a single gram can perfume million cubic meters of air, and the fragrance stays for days and days. Musk contributes to its strength and presence to the fragrances of plant origin, why it is so popular in the perfume industry, being present in a variety of brands of perfumes. A fragrance that has in its bouquet to the essential oil is Amor Amor by Cacharel. The Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte adored musk-based perfumes, and often used it to seduce her husband.

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