Wedding Dinner – The Dress Rehearsal Of The Own Wedding

As a unique preview of the own dream wedding experience live, book now your ticket to our exclusive wedding fair 02053-493168 or the red carpet is rolled out you on October 18, 2008 and invites one to a wedding celebration of the special article In the framework of an exclusive 4-course menus guests can enjoy many creative ideas of a Weddingplanner”! Taking part in the wedding dinner”in the stylish ambience of the new Schulenburg in Hattingen and can be inspired by the insertion of exhibitors and performers. The Agency dream wedding has taken the pulse of the time. Here an event where we combine our best service provider to provide concentrated quality from all sectors interested held a completely new and exclusive form of a wedding fair,”, reported Daniela Jost, head of the Agency. The result is an inspiring concept. Stylish, guests are welcomed with a champagne reception and saxophonist, and before the future couples an exclusive 4-course menu in the magnificent Hall of the new Schulenburg is served, you can experience a snippet from a free wedding ceremony that is becoming increasingly popular for couples. “Wedding dinner” on October 18, 2008, start 17: 00 new Schulenburg in Hattingen bridal fashion show, unique decorations and impressive illuminations inspired the guests.

Wedding rings can be immediately tried and unique artists, which enrich any wedding celebration, experienced. Learn more at: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. A unique event for the guests holds a double of a known star, wedding cake, Bridal styling and Fireworks, a top band, the then the wedding party the Agency dream wedding. Finally the Agency has become already a name with their professional wedding planning. The first franchises are in immediate planning. Who sets up the Organization of his marriage in the hands of the Agency dream wedding, can be sure that when planning the most beautiful day in life everything is. And contrary to common belief, that can afford this service only stars and starlets can, certainly every bridal couple through the engagement of a professional wedding planner saves time and money, explains Daniela Jost of the Agency dream wedding. As an agency, we can negotiate just completely different conditions. For most customers, it is even cheaper to hire an agency at the end, because discounts usually completely compensate the fees of the wedding planner.” More information and maps below 0 20 53 / 49 31 68 on October 18, 2008 you can experience the work of the Agency dream wedding live. Book your ticket under 02053 already now 493168 or agency dream wedding Tel: 02053 493168 mobile: 0177 8529008 e-mail: web: Antonia Soukas

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