By its relative isolation, you had best chances of preserving its unique nature without pollution, its originality and can therefore taking revolutionary novel and sometimes headings. Many of the geniuses of the sciences and the arts, for example, people were very retracted. The shyness gives a very original vision of things. But here the advantages of shy persons are not finished. The discretion and reliability are other qualities that characterize them.

They are little communicative and perhaps why are reserved and good to keep secrets. Not feel any urgency to tell what they know. The shy tend to save things for themselves and therefore are not good to disseminate news. Discretion and the ability to keep secrets are rare qualities. The shy have them. They are also people who tend to the seriousness, are stable with their interests and their friends. They are able to work without needing external stimuli to do so. They emit their own light as I could say.

Many of them complain about their lack of courage, but being bold is not always good. The audacity becomes only necessary on rare occasions, the rest of them, is paid with the failure. Prudence is therefore also a virtue of which shy people do not lack. They think good things before carrying them out. And so they have fewer opportunities to make mistakes. That It is one of the reasons that sometimes succeed where others fail. Many shy, as they speak little, give the impression of being intelligent people. And they are often clear. They are imaginative and very observant. It is not uncommon to find among them artistic trends and scientific acuity. But they are also very critical. That is why you can find mistakes that go unnoticed for the rest of the people. Another of its special capabilities is the ability to spend much time alone without being disturbed. That is why they are very valuable to perform tasks requiring little dealings with people and an isolation that extroverted people not retrofitted without falling into a crisis of anxiety. Shyness has advantages even for couple relationships. By unexpected as it may seem that statement, note that there are people who feel fascinated by the shy. And they come to feel a strong attraction to the intriguing humility of introverted people. The shy have a very special way to demonstrate your affection. And once you commit to someone, they tend to be very deep and stable. Several conclusions can be drawn from all this. But one of them is that shyness should not be denied of itself. Actions should aim to overcome the deficiencies that imposes. Provided that at the same time maintain and stimulate some of his virtues.

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