Unnecessary Crisis

Genesis 16 -1 4Voc needs to know or to remember that in the life we receive the answers to our attitudes. All time that we choose definitive reply, the life in the reserve a future, each choice produces a consequncia. It is what comumente we associate with the Law of the Physics, of action and reaction. All our actions cause new situations and are responsible for each one of them. But in the question of the choice, we must always analyze not only what we go to obtain when we choose to make definitive thing or to follow for this or that way. When we are speaking of family, we must take all the possible cares, therefore many times our choices can transform the life of the too much members of radical and dangerous form. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. describes an additional similar source. Nor always what it is good for one, it goes to be good for excessively. We clearly have an example of problem in the initiated family because somebody believed that an immediate attitude would go to decide all the problems.

Sara, wife of Abrao gave loving Agar for it. Immediately it seemed to it a decided problem, but so soon its servant if sees pregnant woman, lady starts to disdain its. this was not the only consequncia. Agar and its son had started to live in a difficult situation in that place, were not more only one slave, me stambm were not one lady. To only cite 4 problems we can say that: The brothers had had that to live separate. The fight of brothers was potencializadas by the conflicting situation – two sedentas mothers for defending its rebentos. The discord in the home in reason of that destination to give to the bastard son.

The constant differences generated by the convivncia of the two women. These and other consequncias that could have been prevented with a taken attitude thought well about the alias process. Sara never thought that its Egyptian servant would go to rebel itself against its authority. It waited that Agar for being enslaved, was to have a servile attitude in relation to everything what it happens to it. Before making any thing, taking any decision, not she analyzes only its side, or what backwards advantage only the one of the members of the familiar nucleus, but what she benefits the set. prays. We still this support. We firm our choices in the will Mr. it maintenance and welfare of the home. To have a life style in accordance with the will of God, is necessary to know to make the certain choice. Elisabeth Lorena thinks about this Alves

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