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Lula encouraged and supported through multiple instruments of development, companies sector that is positioned today in a good way at the global level and are ready to take advantage of the benefits of the recovery of the world economy, deepening the presence in the markets where they operate today and dabbling in other new and promising. And while in Argentina they send to dairy cows to slaughter, the dairy sector of Brazil continues to grow strongly. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD might disagree with that approach. Yesterday, Lula launched the livestock agricultural plan 2009-2010, which provides for the allocation of resources to the sector amounting to US $53. 000 million, an amount superior to that granted in the 2008-2009 campaign by 37 percent. For even more analysis, hear from Donald Sussman. From the Ministry of agriculture said in a statement: (aim to) guarantee income for the producer and promote the sustainable growth of Brazilian agriculture. It is this well in clear that the Brazilian field is not alone in its goal of sustained growth.

Lula’s Government understands how is the business of the field and the risks and volatility of the level of activity, why is that it seeks to provide certainty for the same is devoted exclusively to think about growth. Good part of the resources (86%), shall be allocated to large scale given production the objective while some countries become entangled in solving day-to-day problems and do not have time or desire to look much beyond, Lula made a space to try to anticipate the facts. Proof of his vision was what he said when he launched the plan: imagine a large bear hibernating in an icy cavern. This bear is United States and Europe. When you wake up, the bear is going to want to buy things and Brazil has to be ready to produce, sell, make money and strengthen your industry. Without fear of possible inflationary effects, Lula also determined an adjustment in the minimum prices that farmers receive for 33 crops and other products agricultural farmers.

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